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#define DSP_RESET (devc->base + 0x6)
#define DSP_READ (devc->base + 0xA)
#define DSP_WRITE (devc->base + 0xC)
#define DSP_COMMAND (devc->base + 0xC)
#define DSP_STATUS (devc->base + 0xC)
#define DSP_DATA_AVAIL (devc->base + 0xE)
#define DSP_DATA_AVL16 (devc->base + 0xF)
#define MIXER_ADDR (devc->base + 0x4)
#define MIXER_DATA (devc->base + 0x5)
#define OPL3_LEFT (devc->base + 0x0)
#define OPL3_RIGHT (devc->base + 0x2)
#define OPL3_BOTH (devc->base + 0x8)
/* DSP Commands */
#define DSP_CMD_SPKON 0xD1
#define DSP_CMD_SPKOFF 0xD3
#define DSP_CMD_DMAON 0xD0
#define DSP_CMD_DMAOFF 0xD4
#define IMODE_NONE 0
#define IMODE_INIT 3
#define IMODE_MIDI 4
#define NORMAL_MIDI 0
#define UART_MIDI 1
* Device models
#define MDL_NONE 0
#define MDL_SB1 1 /* SB1.0 or 1.5 */
#define MDL_SB2 2 /* SB2.0 */
#define MDL_SB201 3 /* SB2.01 */
#define MDL_SBPRO 4 /* SB Pro */
#define MDL_SB16 5 /* SB16/32/AWE */
#define MDL_SBPNP 6 /* SB16/32/AWE PnP */
#define MDL_JAZZ 10 /* Media Vision Jazz16 */
#define MDL_SMW 11 /* Logitech SoundMan Wave (Jazz16) */
#define MDL_ESS 12 /* ESS ES688 and ES1688 */
#define MDL_AZTECH 13 /* Aztech Sound Galaxy family */
#define MDL_ES1868MIDI 14 /* MIDI port of ESS1868 */
#define MDL_AEDSP 15 /* Audio Excel DSP 16 */
#define MDL_ESSPCI 16 /* ESS PCI card */
#define MDL_YMPCI 17 /* Yamaha PCI sb in emulation */
#define SUBMDL_ALS007 42 /* ALS-007 differs from SB16 only in mixer */
/* register assignment */
#define SUBMDL_ALS100 43 /* ALS-100 allows sampling rates of up */
/* to 48kHz */
* Config flags
#define SB_NO_MIDI 0x00000001
#define SB_NO_MIXER 0x00000002
#define SB_NO_AUDIO 0x00000004
#define SB_NO_RECORDING 0x00000008 /* No audio recording */
#define SB_PCI_IRQ 0x00000010 /* PCI shared IRQ */
struct mixer_def {
unsigned int regno: 8;
unsigned int bitoffs:4;
unsigned int nbits:4;
typedef struct mixer_def mixer_tab[32][2];
typedef struct mixer_def mixer_ent;
struct sb_module_options
int esstype; /* ESS chip type */
int acer; /* Do acer notebook init? */
int sm_games; /* Logitech soundman games? */
typedef struct sb_devc {
int dev;
/* Hardware parameters */
int *osp;
int minor, major;
int type;
int model, submodel;
int caps;
# define SBCAP_STEREO 0x00000001
# define SBCAP_16BITS 0x00000002
/* Hardware resources */
int base;
int irq;
int dma8, dma16;
int pcibase; /* For ESS Maestro etc */
/* State variables */
int opened;
/* new audio fields for full duplex support */
int fullduplex;
int duplex;
int speed, bits, channels;
volatile int irq_ok;
volatile int intr_active, irq_mode;
/* duplicate audio fields for full duplex support */
volatile int intr_active_16, irq_mode_16;
/* Mixer fields */
int *levels;
mixer_tab *iomap;
size_t iomap_sz; /* number or records in the iomap table */
int mixer_caps, recmask, outmask, supported_devices;
int supported_rec_devices, supported_out_devices;
int my_mixerdev;
int sbmixnum;
/* Audio fields */
unsigned long trg_buf;
int trigger_bits;
int trg_bytes;
int trg_intrflag;
int trg_restart;
/* duplicate audio fields for full duplex support */
unsigned long trg_buf_16;
int trigger_bits_16;
int trg_bytes_16;
int trg_intrflag_16;
int trg_restart_16;
unsigned char tconst;
/* MIDI fields */
int my_mididev;
int input_opened;
int midi_broken;
void (*midi_input_intr) (int dev, unsigned char data);
void *midi_irq_cookie; /* IRQ cookie for the midi */
spinlock_t lock;
struct sb_module_options sbmo; /* Module options */
} sb_devc;
* PCI card types
#define SB_PCI_ESSMAESTRO 1 /* ESS Maestro Legacy */
#define SB_PCI_YAMAHA 2 /* Yamaha Legacy */
* Functions
int sb_dsp_command (sb_devc *devc, unsigned char val);
int sb_dsp_get_byte(sb_devc * devc);
int sb_dsp_reset (sb_devc *devc);
void sb_setmixer (sb_devc *devc, unsigned int port, unsigned int value);
unsigned int sb_getmixer (sb_devc *devc, unsigned int port);
int sb_dsp_detect (struct address_info *hw_config, int pci, int pciio, struct sb_module_options *sbmo);
int sb_dsp_init (struct address_info *hw_config, struct module *owner);
void sb_dsp_unload(struct address_info *hw_config, int sbmpu);
int sb_mixer_init(sb_devc *devc, struct module *owner);
void sb_mixer_unload(sb_devc *devc);
void sb_mixer_set_stereo (sb_devc *devc, int mode);
void smw_mixer_init(sb_devc *devc);
void sb_dsp_midi_init (sb_devc *devc, struct module *owner);
void sb_audio_init (sb_devc *devc, char *name, struct module *owner);
void sb_midi_interrupt (sb_devc *devc);
void sb_chgmixer (sb_devc * devc, unsigned int reg, unsigned int mask, unsigned int val);
int sb_common_mixer_set(sb_devc * devc, int dev, int left, int right);
int sb_audio_open(int dev, int mode);
void sb_audio_close(int dev);
/* From sb_common.c */
void sb_dsp_disable_midi(int port);
int probe_sbmpu (struct address_info *hw_config, struct module *owner);
void unload_sbmpu (struct address_info *hw_config);
void unload_sb16(struct address_info *hw_info);
void unload_sb16midi(struct address_info *hw_info);