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* Broadcom BM2835 V4L2 driver
* Copyright © 2013 Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd.
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Authors: Vincent Sanders <>
* Dave Stevenson <>
* Simon Mellor <>
* Luke Diamand <>
* MMAL interface to VCHIQ message passing
#ifndef MMAL_VCHIQ_H
#define MMAL_VCHIQ_H
#include "mmal-msg-format.h"
#define MAX_PORT_COUNT 4
/* Maximum size of the format extradata. */
struct vchiq_mmal_instance;
enum vchiq_mmal_es_type {
MMAL_ES_TYPE_UNKNOWN, /**< Unknown elementary stream type */
MMAL_ES_TYPE_CONTROL, /**< Elementary stream of control commands */
MMAL_ES_TYPE_AUDIO, /**< Audio elementary stream */
MMAL_ES_TYPE_VIDEO, /**< Video elementary stream */
MMAL_ES_TYPE_SUBPICTURE /**< Sub-picture elementary stream */
/* rectangle, used lots so it gets its own struct */
struct vchiq_mmal_rect {
s32 x;
s32 y;
s32 width;
s32 height;
struct vchiq_mmal_port_buffer {
unsigned int num; /* number of buffers */
u32 size; /* size of buffers */
u32 alignment; /* alignment of buffers */
struct vchiq_mmal_port;
typedef void (*vchiq_mmal_buffer_cb)(
struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port,
int status, struct mmal_buffer *buffer,
unsigned long length, u32 mmal_flags, s64 dts, s64 pts);
struct vchiq_mmal_port {
bool enabled;
u32 handle;
u32 type; /* port type, cached to use on port info set */
u32 index; /* port index, cached to use on port info set */
/* component port belongs to, allows simple deref */
struct vchiq_mmal_component *component;
struct vchiq_mmal_port *connected; /* port conencted to */
/* buffer info */
struct vchiq_mmal_port_buffer minimum_buffer;
struct vchiq_mmal_port_buffer recommended_buffer;
struct vchiq_mmal_port_buffer current_buffer;
/* stream format */
struct mmal_es_format_local format;
/* elementary stream format */
union mmal_es_specific_format es;
/* data buffers to fill */
struct list_head buffers;
/* lock to serialise adding and removing buffers from list */
spinlock_t slock;
/* count of how many buffer header refils have failed because
* there was no buffer to satisfy them
int buffer_underflow;
/* callback on buffer completion */
vchiq_mmal_buffer_cb buffer_cb;
/* callback context */
void *cb_ctx;
struct vchiq_mmal_component {
bool enabled;
u32 handle; /* VideoCore handle for component */
u32 inputs; /* Number of input ports */
u32 outputs; /* Number of output ports */
u32 clocks; /* Number of clock ports */
struct vchiq_mmal_port control; /* control port */
struct vchiq_mmal_port input[MAX_PORT_COUNT]; /* input ports */
struct vchiq_mmal_port output[MAX_PORT_COUNT]; /* output ports */
struct vchiq_mmal_port clock[MAX_PORT_COUNT]; /* clock ports */
int vchiq_mmal_init(struct vchiq_mmal_instance **out_instance);
int vchiq_mmal_finalise(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance);
/* Initialise a mmal component and its ports
int vchiq_mmal_component_init(
struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
const char *name,
struct vchiq_mmal_component **component_out);
int vchiq_mmal_component_finalise(
struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_component *component);
int vchiq_mmal_component_enable(
struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_component *component);
int vchiq_mmal_component_disable(
struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_component *component);
/* enable a mmal port
* enables a port and if a buffer callback provided enque buffer
* headers as apropriate for the port.
int vchiq_mmal_port_enable(
struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port,
vchiq_mmal_buffer_cb buffer_cb);
/* disable a port
* disable a port will dequeue any pending buffers
int vchiq_mmal_port_disable(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port);
int vchiq_mmal_port_parameter_set(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port,
u32 parameter,
void *value,
u32 value_size);
int vchiq_mmal_port_parameter_get(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port,
u32 parameter,
void *value,
u32 *value_size);
int vchiq_mmal_port_set_format(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port);
int vchiq_mmal_port_connect_tunnel(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *src,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *dst);
int vchiq_mmal_version(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
u32 *major_out,
u32 *minor_out);
int vchiq_mmal_submit_buffer(struct vchiq_mmal_instance *instance,
struct vchiq_mmal_port *port,
struct mmal_buffer *buf);
#endif /* MMAL_VCHIQ_H */