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- remove the defined feature as kernel versions
- remove OS wrapper functions
- remove custom debug and tracing functions
- rework comments and function headers(also coding style)
- Move handling for each individual members of 'union message_body' out
into a separate 'struct work_struct' and completely remove the multiplexer
that is currently part of host_if_work(), allowing movement of the
implementation of each message handler into the callsite of the function
that currently queues the 'host_if_msg'.
- make spi and sdio components coexist in one build
- turn compile-time platform configuration (BEAGLE_BOARD,
into run-time options that are read from DT
- support soft-ap and p2p mode
- support resume/suspend function
- replace SIOCDEVPRIVATE commands with generic API functions
- use wext-core handling instead of private SIOCSIWPRIV implementation