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Linux kernel release 2.4.xx for the IA-64 Platform
These are the release notes for Linux version 2.4 for IA-64
platform. This document provides information specific to IA-64
ONLY, to get additional information about the Linux kernel also
read the original Linux README provided with the kernel.
INSTALLING the kernel:
- IA-64 kernel installation is the same as the other platforms, see
original README for details.
Compiling and running this kernel requires an IA-64 compliant GCC
compiler. And various software packages also compiled with an
IA-64 compliant GCC compiler.
CONFIGURING the kernel:
Configuration is the same, see original README for details.
COMPILING the kernel:
- Compiling this kernel doesn't differ from other platform so read
the original README for details BUT make sure you have an IA-64
compliant GCC compiler.
- General issues:
o Hardly any performance tuning has been done. Obvious targets
include the library routines (IP checksum, etc.). Less
obvious targets include making sure we don't flush the TLB
needlessly, etc.
o SMP locks cleanup/optimization
o IA32 support. Currently experimental. It mostly works.