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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Makefile for the linux kernel.
CFLAGS_REMOVE_ftrace.o = -pg
extra-y := head.o init_task.o
obj-y := entry.o efi.o efi_stub.o gate-data.o fsys.o ia64_ksyms.o irq.o irq_ia64.o \
irq_lsapic.o ivt.o machvec.o pal.o patch.o process.o perfmon.o ptrace.o sal.o \
salinfo.o setup.o signal.o sys_ia64.o time.o traps.o unaligned.o \
unwind.o mca.o mca_asm.o topology.o dma-mapping.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ACPI) += acpi.o acpi-ext.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_BRL_EMU) += brl_emu.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_PALINFO) += palinfo.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IOSAPIC) += iosapic.o
obj-$(CONFIG_MODULES) += module.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SMP) += smp.o smpboot.o
obj-$(CONFIG_NUMA) += numa.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PERFMON) += perfmon_default_smpl.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_CYCLONE) += cyclone.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_MCA_RECOVERY) += mca_recovery.o
obj-$(CONFIG_KPROBES) += kprobes.o jprobes.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE) += ftrace.o
obj-$(CONFIG_KEXEC) += machine_kexec.o relocate_kernel.o crash.o
obj-$(CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP) += crash_dump.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_UNCACHED_ALLOCATOR) += uncached.o
obj-$(CONFIG_AUDIT) += audit.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PCI_MSI) += msi_ia64.o
mca_recovery-y += mca_drv.o mca_drv_asm.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_MC_ERR_INJECT)+= err_inject.o
obj-$(CONFIG_STACKTRACE) += stacktrace.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IA64_ESI) += esi.o
ifneq ($(CONFIG_IA64_ESI),)
obj-y += esi_stub.o # must be in kernel proper
obj-$(CONFIG_INTEL_IOMMU) += pci-dma.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SWIOTLB) += pci-swiotlb.o
obj-$(CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF) += elfcore.o
# fp_emulate() expects f2-f5,f16-f31 to contain the user-level state.
CFLAGS_traps.o += -mfixed-range=f2-f5,f16-f31
# The gate DSO image is built using a special linker script.
include $(src)/Makefile.gate
# We use internal kbuild rules to avoid the "is up to date" message from make
arch/$(SRCARCH)/kernel/nr-irqs.s: arch/$(SRCARCH)/kernel/nr-irqs.c
$(Q)mkdir -p $(dir $@)
$(call if_changed_dep,cc_s_c)
include/generated/nr-irqs.h: arch/$(SRCARCH)/kernel/nr-irqs.s FORCE
$(call filechk,offsets,__ASM_NR_IRQS_H__)