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* dev_table.h
* Global definitions for device call tables
* Copyright (C) by Hannu Savolainen 1993-1997
* OSS/Free for Linux is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL)
* Version 2 (June 1991). See the "COPYING" file distributed with this software
* for more info.
#ifndef _DEV_TABLE_H_
#define _DEV_TABLE_H_
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
* Sound card numbers 27 to 999. (1 to 26 are defined in soundcard.h)
* Numbers 1000 to N are reserved for driver's internal use.
#define SNDCARD_DESKPROXL 27 /* Compaq Deskpro XL */
#define SNDCARD_VIDC 28 /* ARMs VIDC */
#define SNDCARD_SBPNP 29
#define SNDCARD_VMIDI 37
#define SNDCARD_OPL3SA1 38 /* Note: clash in msnd.h */
#define SNDCARD_OPL3SA1_SB 39
#define SNDCARD_OPL3SA1_MPU 40
#define SNDCARD_OPL3SA2 42
#define SNDCARD_OPL3SA2_MPU 43
#define SNDCARD_WAVEARTIST 44 /* Waveartist */
#define SNDCARD_OPL3SA2_MSS 45 /* Originally missed */
#define SNDCARD_AD1816 88
* If you modify this file, please check the dev_table.c also.
struct driver_info
char *driver_id;
int card_subtype; /* Driver specific. Usually 0 */
int card_type; /* From soundcard.h */
char *name;
void (*attach) (struct address_info *hw_config);
int (*probe) (struct address_info *hw_config);
void (*unload) (struct address_info *hw_config);
struct card_info
int card_type; /* Link (search key) to the driver list */
struct address_info config;
int enabled;
void *for_driver_use;
* Device specific parameters (used only by dmabuf.c)
#define DMODE_NONE 0
struct dma_buffparms
int closing;
* Pointers to raw buffers
char *raw_buf;
unsigned long raw_buf_phys;
int buffsize;
* Device state tables
unsigned long flags;
#define DMA_BUSY 0x00000001
#define DMA_RESTART 0x00000002
#define DMA_ACTIVE 0x00000004
#define DMA_STARTED 0x00000008
#define DMA_EMPTY 0x00000010
#define DMA_ALLOC_DONE 0x00000020
#define DMA_SYNCING 0x00000040
#define DMA_DIRTY 0x00000080
#define DMA_POST 0x00000100
#define DMA_NODMA 0x00000200
#define DMA_NOTIMEOUT 0x00000400
int open_mode;
* Queue parameters.
int qlen;
int qhead;
int qtail;
spinlock_t lock;
int cfrag; /* Current incomplete fragment (write) */
int nbufs;
int counts[MAX_SUB_BUFFERS];
int subdivision;
int fragment_size;
int needs_reorg;
int max_fragments;
int bytes_in_use;
int underrun_count;
unsigned long byte_counter;
unsigned long user_counter;
unsigned long max_byte_counter;
int data_rate; /* Bytes/second */
int mapping_flags;
#define DMA_MAP_MAPPED 0x00000001
char neutral_byte;
int dma; /* DMA channel */
int applic_profile; /* Application profile (APF_*) */
/* Interrupt callback stuff */
void (*audio_callback) (int dev, int parm);
int callback_parm;
int buf_flags[MAX_SUB_BUFFERS];
#define BUFF_EOF 0x00000001 /* Increment eof count */
#define BUFF_DIRTY 0x00000002 /* Buffer written */
* Structure for use with various microcontrollers and DSP processors
* in the recent sound cards.
typedef struct coproc_operations
char name[64];
struct module *owner;
int (*open) (void *devc, int sub_device);
void (*close) (void *devc, int sub_device);
int (*ioctl) (void *devc, unsigned int cmd, void __user * arg, int local);
void (*reset) (void *devc);
void *devc; /* Driver specific info */
} coproc_operations;
struct audio_driver
struct module *owner;
int (*open) (int dev, int mode);
void (*close) (int dev);
void (*output_block) (int dev, unsigned long buf,
int count, int intrflag);
void (*start_input) (int dev, unsigned long buf,
int count, int intrflag);
int (*ioctl) (int dev, unsigned int cmd, void __user * arg);
int (*prepare_for_input) (int dev, int bufsize, int nbufs);
int (*prepare_for_output) (int dev, int bufsize, int nbufs);
void (*halt_io) (int dev);
int (*local_qlen)(int dev);
void (*copy_user) (int dev,
char *localbuf, int localoffs,
const char __user *userbuf, int useroffs,
int max_in, int max_out,
int *used, int *returned,
int len);
void (*halt_input) (int dev);
void (*halt_output) (int dev);
void (*trigger) (int dev, int bits);
int (*set_speed)(int dev, int speed);
unsigned int (*set_bits)(int dev, unsigned int bits);
short (*set_channels)(int dev, short channels);
void (*postprocess_write)(int dev); /* Device spesific postprocessing for written data */
void (*preprocess_read)(int dev); /* Device spesific preprocessing for read data */
void (*mmap)(int dev);
struct audio_operations
char name[128];
int flags;
#define NOTHING_SPECIAL 0x00
#define NEEDS_RESTART 0x01
#define DMA_AUTOMODE 0x02
#define DMA_DUPLEX 0x04
#define DMA_HARDSTOP 0x10
#define DMA_EXACT 0x40
#define DMA_NORESET 0x80
int format_mask; /* Bitmask for supported audio formats */
void *devc; /* Driver specific info */
struct audio_driver *d;
void *portc; /* Driver specific info */
struct dma_buffparms *dmap_in, *dmap_out;
struct coproc_operations *coproc;
int mixer_dev;
int enable_bits;
int open_mode;
int go;
int min_fragment; /* 0 == unlimited */
int max_fragment; /* 0 == unlimited */
int parent_dev; /* 0 -> no parent, 1 to n -> parent=parent_dev+1 */
/* fields formerly in dmabuf.c */
wait_queue_head_t in_sleeper;
wait_queue_head_t out_sleeper;
wait_queue_head_t poll_sleeper;
/* fields formerly in audio.c */
int audio_mode;
#define AM_NONE 0
int local_format;
int audio_format;
int local_conversion;
#define CNV_MU_LAW 0x00000001
/* large structures at the end to keep offsets small */
struct dma_buffparms dmaps[2];
int *load_mixer_volumes(char *name, int *levels, int present);
struct mixer_operations
struct module *owner;
char id[16];
char name[64];
int (*ioctl) (int dev, unsigned int cmd, void __user * arg);
void *devc;
int modify_counter;
struct synth_operations
struct module *owner;
char *id; /* Unique identifier (ASCII) max 29 char */
struct synth_info *info;
int midi_dev;
int synth_type;
int synth_subtype;
int (*open) (int dev, int mode);
void (*close) (int dev);
int (*ioctl) (int dev, unsigned int cmd, void __user * arg);
int (*kill_note) (int dev, int voice, int note, int velocity);
int (*start_note) (int dev, int voice, int note, int velocity);
int (*set_instr) (int dev, int voice, int instr);
void (*reset) (int dev);
void (*hw_control) (int dev, unsigned char *event);
int (*load_patch) (int dev, int format, const char __user *addr,
int count, int pmgr_flag);
void (*aftertouch) (int dev, int voice, int pressure);
void (*controller) (int dev, int voice, int ctrl_num, int value);
void (*panning) (int dev, int voice, int value);
void (*volume_method) (int dev, int mode);
void (*bender) (int dev, int chn, int value);
int (*alloc_voice) (int dev, int chn, int note, struct voice_alloc_info *alloc);
void (*setup_voice) (int dev, int voice, int chn);
int (*send_sysex)(int dev, unsigned char *bytes, int len);
struct voice_alloc_info alloc;
struct channel_info chn_info[16];
int emulation;
#define EMU_GM 1 /* General MIDI */
#define EMU_XG 2 /* Yamaha XG */
#define MAX_SYSEX_BUF 64
unsigned char sysex_buf[MAX_SYSEX_BUF];
int sysex_ptr;
struct midi_input_info
/* MIDI input scanner variables */
#define MI_MAX 10
volatile int m_busy;
unsigned char m_buf[MI_MAX];
unsigned char m_prev_status; /* For running status */
int m_ptr;
#define MST_INIT 0
#define MST_DATA 1
#define MST_SYSEX 2
int m_state;
int m_left;
struct midi_operations
struct module *owner;
struct midi_info info;
struct synth_operations *converter;
struct midi_input_info in_info;
int (*open) (int dev, int mode,
void (*inputintr)(int dev, unsigned char data),
void (*outputintr)(int dev)
void (*close) (int dev);
int (*ioctl) (int dev, unsigned int cmd, void __user * arg);
int (*outputc) (int dev, unsigned char data);
int (*start_read) (int dev);
int (*end_read) (int dev);
void (*kick)(int dev);
int (*command) (int dev, unsigned char *data);
int (*buffer_status) (int dev);
int (*prefix_cmd) (int dev, unsigned char status);
struct coproc_operations *coproc;
void *devc;
struct sound_lowlev_timer
int dev;
int priority;
unsigned int (*tmr_start)(int dev, unsigned int usecs);
void (*tmr_disable)(int dev);
void (*tmr_restart)(int dev);
struct sound_timer_operations
struct module *owner;
struct sound_timer_info info;
int priority;
int devlink;
int (*open)(int dev, int mode);
void (*close)(int dev);
int (*event)(int dev, unsigned char *ev);
unsigned long (*get_time)(int dev);
int (*ioctl) (int dev, unsigned int cmd, void __user * arg);
void (*arm_timer)(int dev, long time);
extern struct sound_timer_operations default_sound_timer;
extern struct audio_operations *audio_devs[MAX_AUDIO_DEV];
extern int num_audiodevs;
extern struct mixer_operations *mixer_devs[MAX_MIXER_DEV];
extern int num_mixers;
extern struct synth_operations *synth_devs[MAX_SYNTH_DEV+MAX_MIDI_DEV];
extern int num_synths;
extern struct midi_operations *midi_devs[MAX_MIDI_DEV];
extern int num_midis;
extern struct sound_timer_operations * sound_timer_devs[MAX_TIMER_DEV];
extern int num_sound_timers;
extern int sound_map_buffer (int dev, struct dma_buffparms *dmap, buffmem_desc *info);
void sound_timer_init (struct sound_lowlev_timer *t, char *name);
void sound_dma_intr (int dev, struct dma_buffparms *dmap, int chan);
int sound_install_audiodrv(int vers, char *name, struct audio_driver *driver,
int driver_size, int flags, unsigned int format_mask,
void *devc, int dma1, int dma2);
int sound_install_mixer(int vers, char *name, struct mixer_operations *driver,
int driver_size, void *devc);
void sound_unload_audiodev(int dev);
void sound_unload_mixerdev(int dev);
void sound_unload_mididev(int dev);
void sound_unload_synthdev(int dev);
void sound_unload_timerdev(int dev);
int sound_alloc_mixerdev(void);
int sound_alloc_timerdev(void);
int sound_alloc_synthdev(void);
int sound_alloc_mididev(void);
#endif /* _DEV_TABLE_H_ */