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* Copyright (C) 2008, Creative Technology Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
* This source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions).
* See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source
* distribution for the license terms and conditions.
* @File ctimap.h
* @Brief
* This file contains the definition of generic input mapper operations
* for input mapper management.
* @Author Liu Chun
* @Date May 23 2008
#ifndef CTIMAP_H
#define CTIMAP_H
#include <linux/list.h>
struct imapper {
unsigned short slot; /* the id of the slot containing input data */
unsigned short user; /* the id of the user resource consuming data */
unsigned short addr; /* the input mapper ram id */
unsigned short next; /* the next input mapper ram id */
struct list_head list;
int input_mapper_add(struct list_head *mappers, struct imapper *entry,
int (*map_op)(void *, struct imapper *), void *data);
int input_mapper_delete(struct list_head *mappers, struct imapper *entry,
int (*map_op)(void *, struct imapper *), void *data);
void free_input_mapper_list(struct list_head *mappers);
#endif /* CTIMAP_H */