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* Copyright (C) 2008, Creative Technology Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
* This source file is released under GPL v2 license (no other versions).
* See the COPYING file included in the main directory of this source
* distribution for the license terms and conditions.
* @File ctresource.h
* @Brief
* This file contains the definition of generic hardware resources for
* resource management.
* @Author Liu Chun
* @Date May 13 2008
#include <linux/types.h>
enum RSCTYP {
NUM_RSCTYP /* This must be the last one and less than 16 */
struct rsc_ops;
struct rsc {
u32 idx:12; /* The index of a resource */
u32 type:4; /* The type (RSCTYP) of a resource */
u32 conj:12; /* Current conjugate index */
u32 msr:4; /* The Master Sample Rate a resource working on */
void *ctrl_blk; /* Chip specific control info block for a resource */
struct hw *hw; /* Chip specific object for hardware access means */
const struct rsc_ops *ops; /* Generic resource operations */
struct rsc_ops {
int (*master)(struct rsc *rsc); /* Move to master resource */
int (*next_conj)(struct rsc *rsc); /* Move to next conjugate resource */
int (*index)(const struct rsc *rsc); /* Return the index of resource */
/* Return the output slot number */
int (*output_slot)(const struct rsc *rsc);
rsc_init(struct rsc *rsc, u32 idx, enum RSCTYP type, u32 msr, struct hw *hw);
int rsc_uninit(struct rsc *rsc);
struct rsc_mgr {
enum RSCTYP type; /* The type (RSCTYP) of resource to manage */
unsigned int amount; /* The total amount of a kind of resource */
unsigned int avail; /* The amount of currently available resources */
unsigned char *rscs; /* The bit-map for resource allocation */
void *ctrl_blk; /* Chip specific control info block */
struct hw *hw; /* Chip specific object for hardware access */
/* Resource management is based on bit-map mechanism */
int rsc_mgr_init(struct rsc_mgr *mgr, enum RSCTYP type,
unsigned int amount, struct hw *hw);
int rsc_mgr_uninit(struct rsc_mgr *mgr);
int mgr_get_resource(struct rsc_mgr *mgr, unsigned int n, unsigned int *ridx);
int mgr_put_resource(struct rsc_mgr *mgr, unsigned int n, unsigned int idx);
#endif /* CTRESOURCE_H */