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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __NOUVEAU_BO_H__
#define __NOUVEAU_BO_H__
#include <drm/drm_gem.h>
struct nouveau_channel;
struct nouveau_fence;
struct nvkm_vma;
struct nouveau_bo {
struct ttm_buffer_object bo;
struct ttm_placement placement;
u32 valid_domains;
struct ttm_place placements[3];
struct ttm_place busy_placements[3];
bool force_coherent;
struct ttm_bo_kmap_obj kmap;
struct list_head head;
/* protected by ttm_bo_reserve() */
struct drm_file *reserved_by;
struct list_head entry;
int pbbo_index;
bool validate_mapped;
struct list_head vma_list;
unsigned page_shift;
struct nouveau_cli *cli;
u32 tile_mode;
u32 tile_flags;
struct nouveau_drm_tile *tile;
/* Only valid if allocated via nouveau_gem_new() and iff you hold a
* gem reference to it! For debugging, use gem.filp != NULL to test
* whether it is valid. */
struct drm_gem_object gem;
/* protect by the ttm reservation lock */
int pin_refcnt;
struct ttm_bo_kmap_obj dma_buf_vmap;
static inline struct nouveau_bo *
nouveau_bo(struct ttm_buffer_object *bo)
return container_of(bo, struct nouveau_bo, bo);
static inline int
nouveau_bo_ref(struct nouveau_bo *ref, struct nouveau_bo **pnvbo)
struct nouveau_bo *prev;
if (!pnvbo)
return -EINVAL;
prev = *pnvbo;
*pnvbo = ref ? nouveau_bo(ttm_bo_reference(&ref->bo)) : NULL;
if (prev) {
struct ttm_buffer_object *bo = &prev->bo;
return 0;
extern struct ttm_bo_driver nouveau_bo_driver;
void nouveau_bo_move_init(struct nouveau_drm *);
int nouveau_bo_new(struct nouveau_cli *, u64 size, int align, u32 flags,
u32 tile_mode, u32 tile_flags, struct sg_table *sg,
struct reservation_object *robj,
struct nouveau_bo **);
int nouveau_bo_pin(struct nouveau_bo *, u32 flags, bool contig);
int nouveau_bo_unpin(struct nouveau_bo *);
int nouveau_bo_map(struct nouveau_bo *);
void nouveau_bo_unmap(struct nouveau_bo *);
void nouveau_bo_placement_set(struct nouveau_bo *, u32 type, u32 busy);
void nouveau_bo_wr16(struct nouveau_bo *, unsigned index, u16 val);
u32 nouveau_bo_rd32(struct nouveau_bo *, unsigned index);
void nouveau_bo_wr32(struct nouveau_bo *, unsigned index, u32 val);
void nouveau_bo_fence(struct nouveau_bo *, struct nouveau_fence *, bool exclusive);
int nouveau_bo_validate(struct nouveau_bo *, bool interruptible,
bool no_wait_gpu);
void nouveau_bo_sync_for_device(struct nouveau_bo *nvbo);
void nouveau_bo_sync_for_cpu(struct nouveau_bo *nvbo);
struct nvkm_vma *
nouveau_bo_vma_find(struct nouveau_bo *, struct nvkm_vm *);
int nouveau_bo_vma_add(struct nouveau_bo *, struct nvkm_vm *,
struct nvkm_vma *);
void nouveau_bo_vma_del(struct nouveau_bo *, struct nvkm_vma *);
/* TODO: submit equivalent to TTM generic API upstream? */
static inline void __iomem *
nvbo_kmap_obj_iovirtual(struct nouveau_bo *nvbo)
bool is_iomem;
void __iomem *ioptr = (void __force __iomem *)ttm_kmap_obj_virtual(
&nvbo->kmap, &is_iomem);
WARN_ON_ONCE(ioptr && !is_iomem);
return ioptr;