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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __NOUVEAU_CHAN_H__
#define __NOUVEAU_CHAN_H__
#include <nvif/object.h>
#include <nvif/notify.h>
struct nvif_device;
struct nouveau_channel {
struct nvif_device *device;
struct nouveau_drm *drm;
int chid;
struct nvif_object vram;
struct nvif_object gart;
struct nvif_object nvsw;
struct {
struct nouveau_bo *buffer;
struct nvkm_vma vma;
struct nvif_object ctxdma;
} push;
/* TODO: this will be reworked in the near future */
bool accel_done;
void *fence;
struct {
int max;
int free;
int cur;
int put;
int ib_base;
int ib_max;
int ib_free;
int ib_put;
} dma;
u32 user_get_hi;
u32 user_get;
u32 user_put;
struct nvif_object user;
struct nvif_notify kill;
atomic_t killed;
int nouveau_channel_new(struct nouveau_drm *, struct nvif_device *,
u32 arg0, u32 arg1, struct nouveau_channel **);
void nouveau_channel_del(struct nouveau_channel **);
int nouveau_channel_idle(struct nouveau_channel *);
extern int nouveau_vram_pushbuf;