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config RDMA_RXE
tristate "Software RDMA over Ethernet (RoCE) driver"
depends on INET && PCI && INFINIBAND
depends on NET_UDP_TUNNEL
depends on CRYPTO_CRC32
This driver implements the InfiniBand RDMA transport over
the Linux network stack. It enables a system with a
standard Ethernet adapter to interoperate with a RoCE
adapter or with another system running the RXE driver.
Documentation on InfiniBand and RoCE can be downloaded at and (See also
siw which is a similar software driver for iWARP.)
The driver is split into two layers, one interfaces with the
Linux RDMA stack and implements a kernel or user space
verbs API. The user space verbs API requires a support
library named librxe which is loaded by the generic user
space verbs API, libibverbs. The other layer interfaces
with the Linux network stack at layer 3.
To configure and work with soft-RoCE driver please use the
following wiki page under "configure Soft-RoCE (RXE)" section: