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* Released under the GPLv2 only.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#include <linux/pm.h>
#include <linux/acpi.h>
struct usb_hub_descriptor;
struct usb_dev_state;
/* Functions local to drivers/usb/core/ */
extern int usb_create_sysfs_dev_files(struct usb_device *dev);
extern void usb_remove_sysfs_dev_files(struct usb_device *dev);
extern void usb_create_sysfs_intf_files(struct usb_interface *intf);
extern void usb_remove_sysfs_intf_files(struct usb_interface *intf);
extern int usb_create_ep_devs(struct device *parent,
struct usb_host_endpoint *endpoint,
struct usb_device *udev);
extern void usb_remove_ep_devs(struct usb_host_endpoint *endpoint);
extern void usb_enable_endpoint(struct usb_device *dev,
struct usb_host_endpoint *ep, bool reset_toggle);
extern void usb_enable_interface(struct usb_device *dev,
struct usb_interface *intf, bool reset_toggles);
extern void usb_disable_endpoint(struct usb_device *dev, unsigned int epaddr,
bool reset_hardware);
extern void usb_disable_interface(struct usb_device *dev,
struct usb_interface *intf, bool reset_hardware);
extern void usb_release_interface_cache(struct kref *ref);
extern void usb_disable_device(struct usb_device *dev, int skip_ep0);
extern int usb_deauthorize_device(struct usb_device *);
extern int usb_authorize_device(struct usb_device *);
extern void usb_deauthorize_interface(struct usb_interface *);
extern void usb_authorize_interface(struct usb_interface *);
extern void usb_detect_quirks(struct usb_device *udev);
extern void usb_detect_interface_quirks(struct usb_device *udev);
extern int usb_remove_device(struct usb_device *udev);
extern int usb_get_device_descriptor(struct usb_device *dev,
unsigned int size);
extern int usb_get_bos_descriptor(struct usb_device *dev);
extern void usb_release_bos_descriptor(struct usb_device *dev);
extern char *usb_cache_string(struct usb_device *udev, int index);
extern int usb_set_configuration(struct usb_device *dev, int configuration);
extern int usb_choose_configuration(struct usb_device *udev);
static inline unsigned usb_get_max_power(struct usb_device *udev,
struct usb_host_config *c)
/* SuperSpeed power is in 8 mA units; others are in 2 mA units */
unsigned mul = (udev->speed >= USB_SPEED_SUPER ? 8 : 2);
return c->desc.bMaxPower * mul;
extern void usb_kick_hub_wq(struct usb_device *dev);
extern int usb_match_one_id_intf(struct usb_device *dev,
struct usb_host_interface *intf,
const struct usb_device_id *id);
extern int usb_match_device(struct usb_device *dev,
const struct usb_device_id *id);
extern void usb_forced_unbind_intf(struct usb_interface *intf);
extern void usb_unbind_and_rebind_marked_interfaces(struct usb_device *udev);
extern void usb_hub_release_all_ports(struct usb_device *hdev,
struct usb_dev_state *owner);
extern bool usb_device_is_owned(struct usb_device *udev);
extern int usb_hub_init(void);
extern void usb_hub_cleanup(void);
extern int usb_major_init(void);
extern void usb_major_cleanup(void);
extern int usb_device_supports_lpm(struct usb_device *udev);
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
extern int usb_suspend(struct device *dev, pm_message_t msg);
extern int usb_resume(struct device *dev, pm_message_t msg);
extern int usb_resume_complete(struct device *dev);
extern int usb_port_suspend(struct usb_device *dev, pm_message_t msg);
extern int usb_port_resume(struct usb_device *dev, pm_message_t msg);
extern void usb_autosuspend_device(struct usb_device *udev);
extern int usb_autoresume_device(struct usb_device *udev);
extern int usb_remote_wakeup(struct usb_device *dev);
extern int usb_runtime_suspend(struct device *dev);
extern int usb_runtime_resume(struct device *dev);
extern int usb_runtime_idle(struct device *dev);
extern int usb_set_usb2_hardware_lpm(struct usb_device *udev, int enable);
static inline int usb_port_suspend(struct usb_device *udev, pm_message_t msg)
return 0;
static inline int usb_port_resume(struct usb_device *udev, pm_message_t msg)
return 0;
#define usb_autosuspend_device(udev) do {} while (0)
static inline int usb_autoresume_device(struct usb_device *udev)
return 0;
static inline int usb_set_usb2_hardware_lpm(struct usb_device *udev, int enable)
return 0;
extern struct bus_type usb_bus_type;
extern struct mutex usb_port_peer_mutex;
extern struct device_type usb_device_type;
extern struct device_type usb_if_device_type;
extern struct device_type usb_ep_device_type;
extern struct device_type usb_port_device_type;
extern struct usb_device_driver usb_generic_driver;
static inline int is_usb_device(const struct device *dev)
return dev->type == &usb_device_type;
static inline int is_usb_interface(const struct device *dev)
return dev->type == &usb_if_device_type;
static inline int is_usb_endpoint(const struct device *dev)
return dev->type == &usb_ep_device_type;
static inline int is_usb_port(const struct device *dev)
return dev->type == &usb_port_device_type;
/* Do the same for device drivers and interface drivers. */
static inline int is_usb_device_driver(struct device_driver *drv)
return container_of(drv, struct usbdrv_wrap, driver)->
/* for labeling diagnostics */
extern const char *usbcore_name;
/* sysfs stuff */
extern const struct attribute_group *usb_device_groups[];
extern const struct attribute_group *usb_interface_groups[];
/* usbfs stuff */
extern struct mutex usbfs_mutex;
extern struct usb_driver usbfs_driver;
extern const struct file_operations usbfs_devices_fops;
extern const struct file_operations usbdev_file_operations;
extern void usbfs_conn_disc_event(void);
extern int usb_devio_init(void);
extern void usb_devio_cleanup(void);
* Firmware specific cookie identifying a port's location. '0' == no location
* data available
typedef u32 usb_port_location_t;
/* internal notify stuff */
extern void usb_notify_add_device(struct usb_device *udev);
extern void usb_notify_remove_device(struct usb_device *udev);
extern void usb_notify_add_bus(struct usb_bus *ubus);
extern void usb_notify_remove_bus(struct usb_bus *ubus);
extern void usb_hub_adjust_deviceremovable(struct usb_device *hdev,
struct usb_hub_descriptor *desc);
extern int usb_acpi_register(void);
extern void usb_acpi_unregister(void);
extern acpi_handle usb_get_hub_port_acpi_handle(struct usb_device *hdev,
int port1);
static inline int usb_acpi_register(void) { return 0; };
static inline void usb_acpi_unregister(void) { };