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#include <linux/usb/composite.h>
#include "storage_common.h"
struct fsg_module_parameters {
char *file[FSG_MAX_LUNS];
bool ro[FSG_MAX_LUNS];
bool removable[FSG_MAX_LUNS];
bool cdrom[FSG_MAX_LUNS];
bool nofua[FSG_MAX_LUNS];
unsigned int file_count, ro_count, removable_count, cdrom_count;
unsigned int nofua_count;
unsigned int luns; /* nluns */
bool stall; /* can_stall */
#define _FSG_MODULE_PARAM_ARRAY(prefix, params, name, type, desc) \
module_param_array_named(prefix ## name,, type, \
&prefix ## ## _count, \
MODULE_PARM_DESC(prefix ## name, desc)
#define _FSG_MODULE_PARAM(prefix, params, name, type, desc) \
module_param_named(prefix ## name,, type, \
MODULE_PARM_DESC(prefix ## name, desc)
#define __FSG_MODULE_PARAMETERS(prefix, params) \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM_ARRAY(prefix, params, file, charp, \
"names of backing files or devices"); \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM_ARRAY(prefix, params, ro, bool, \
"true to force read-only"); \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM_ARRAY(prefix, params, removable, bool, \
"true to simulate removable media"); \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM_ARRAY(prefix, params, cdrom, bool, \
"true to simulate CD-ROM instead of disk"); \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM_ARRAY(prefix, params, nofua, bool, \
"true to ignore SCSI WRITE(10,12) FUA bit"); \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM(prefix, params, luns, uint, \
"number of LUNs"); \
_FSG_MODULE_PARAM(prefix, params, stall, bool, \
"false to prevent bulk stalls")
#define FSG_MODULE_PARAMETERS(prefix, params) \
__FSG_MODULE_PARAMETERS(prefix, params); \
module_param_named(num_buffers, fsg_num_buffers, uint, S_IRUGO);\
MODULE_PARM_DESC(num_buffers, "Number of pipeline buffers")
#define FSG_MODULE_PARAMETERS(prefix, params) \
__FSG_MODULE_PARAMETERS(prefix, params)
struct fsg_common;
/* FSF callback functions */
struct fsg_lun_opts {
struct config_group group;
struct fsg_lun *lun;
int lun_id;
struct fsg_opts {
struct fsg_common *common;
struct usb_function_instance func_inst;
struct fsg_lun_opts lun0;
struct config_group *default_groups[2];
bool no_configfs; /* for legacy gadgets */
* Read/write access to configfs attributes is handled by configfs.
* This is to protect the data from concurrent access by read/write
* and create symlink/remove symlink.
struct mutex lock;
int refcnt;
struct fsg_lun_config {
const char *filename;
char ro;
char removable;
char cdrom;
char nofua;
char inquiry_string[INQUIRY_STRING_LEN];
struct fsg_config {
unsigned nluns;
struct fsg_lun_config luns[FSG_MAX_LUNS];
/* Callback functions. */
const struct fsg_operations *ops;
/* Gadget's private data. */
void *private_data;
const char *vendor_name; /* 8 characters or less */
const char *product_name; /* 16 characters or less */
char can_stall;
unsigned int fsg_num_buffers;
static inline struct fsg_opts *
fsg_opts_from_func_inst(const struct usb_function_instance *fi)
return container_of(fi, struct fsg_opts, func_inst);
void fsg_common_get(struct fsg_common *common);
void fsg_common_put(struct fsg_common *common);
void fsg_common_set_sysfs(struct fsg_common *common, bool sysfs);
int fsg_common_set_num_buffers(struct fsg_common *common, unsigned int n);
void fsg_common_free_buffers(struct fsg_common *common);
int fsg_common_set_cdev(struct fsg_common *common,
struct usb_composite_dev *cdev, bool can_stall);
void fsg_common_remove_lun(struct fsg_lun *lun);
void fsg_common_remove_luns(struct fsg_common *common);
int fsg_common_create_lun(struct fsg_common *common, struct fsg_lun_config *cfg,
unsigned int id, const char *name,
const char **name_pfx);
int fsg_common_create_luns(struct fsg_common *common, struct fsg_config *cfg);
void fsg_common_set_inquiry_string(struct fsg_common *common, const char *vn,
const char *pn);
void fsg_config_from_params(struct fsg_config *cfg,
const struct fsg_module_parameters *params,
unsigned int fsg_num_buffers);
#endif /* USB_F_MASS_STORAGE_H */