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* Intel MIC Platform Software Stack (MPSS)
* Copyright(c) 2015 Intel Corporation.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2, as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* The full GNU General Public License is included in this distribution in
* the file called "COPYING".
* Intel MIC COSM Bus Driver
#ifndef _COSM_BUS_H_
#define _COSM_BUS_H_
#include <linux/scif.h>
#include <linux/mic_common.h>
#include "../common/mic_dev.h"
* cosm_device - representation of a cosm device
* @attr_group: Pointer to list of sysfs attribute groups.
* @sdev: Device for sysfs entries.
* @state: MIC state.
* @prev_state: MIC state previous to MIC_RESETTING
* @shutdown_status: MIC status reported by card for shutdown/crashes.
* @shutdown_status_int: Internal shutdown status maintained by the driver
* @cosm_mutex: Mutex for synchronizing access to data structures.
* @reset_trigger_work: Work for triggering reset requests.
* @scif_work: Work for handling per device SCIF connections
* @cmdline: Kernel command line.
* @firmware: Firmware file name.
* @ramdisk: Ramdisk file name.
* @bootmode: Boot mode i.e. "linux" or "elf" for flash updates.
* @log_buf_addr: Log buffer address for MIC.
* @log_buf_len: Log buffer length address for MIC.
* @state_sysfs: Sysfs dirent for notifying ring 3 about MIC state changes.
* @hw_ops: the hardware bus ops for this device.
* @dev: underlying device.
* @index: unique position on the cosm bus
* @dbg_dir: debug fs directory
* @newepd: new endpoint from scif accept to be assigned to this cdev
* @epd: SCIF endpoint for this cdev
* @heartbeat_watchdog_enable: if heartbeat watchdog is enabled for this cdev
* @sysfs_heartbeat_enable: sysfs setting for disabling heartbeat notification
struct cosm_device {
const struct attribute_group **attr_group;
struct device *sdev;
u8 state;
u8 prev_state;
u8 shutdown_status;
u8 shutdown_status_int;
struct mutex cosm_mutex;
struct work_struct reset_trigger_work;
struct work_struct scif_work;
char *cmdline;
char *firmware;
char *ramdisk;
char *bootmode;
void *log_buf_addr;
int *log_buf_len;
struct kernfs_node *state_sysfs;
struct cosm_hw_ops *hw_ops;
struct device dev;
int index;
struct dentry *dbg_dir;
scif_epd_t newepd;
scif_epd_t epd;
bool heartbeat_watchdog_enable;
bool sysfs_heartbeat_enable;
* cosm_driver - operations for a cosm driver
* @driver: underlying device driver (populate name and owner).
* @probe: the function to call when a device is found. Returns 0 or -errno.
* @remove: the function to call when a device is removed.
struct cosm_driver {
struct device_driver driver;
int (*probe)(struct cosm_device *dev);
void (*remove)(struct cosm_device *dev);
* cosm_hw_ops - cosm bus ops
* @reset: trigger MIC reset
* @force_reset: force MIC reset
* @post_reset: inform MIC reset is complete
* @ready: is MIC ready for OS download
* @start: boot MIC
* @stop: prepare MIC for reset
* @family: return MIC HW family string
* @stepping: return MIC HW stepping string
* @aper: return MIC PCIe aperture
struct cosm_hw_ops {
void (*reset)(struct cosm_device *cdev);
void (*force_reset)(struct cosm_device *cdev);
void (*post_reset)(struct cosm_device *cdev, enum mic_states state);
bool (*ready)(struct cosm_device *cdev);
int (*start)(struct cosm_device *cdev, int id);
void (*stop)(struct cosm_device *cdev, bool force);
ssize_t (*family)(struct cosm_device *cdev, char *buf);
ssize_t (*stepping)(struct cosm_device *cdev, char *buf);
struct mic_mw *(*aper)(struct cosm_device *cdev);
struct cosm_device *
cosm_register_device(struct device *pdev, struct cosm_hw_ops *hw_ops);
void cosm_unregister_device(struct cosm_device *dev);
int cosm_register_driver(struct cosm_driver *drv);
void cosm_unregister_driver(struct cosm_driver *drv);
struct cosm_device *cosm_find_cdev_by_id(int id);
static inline struct cosm_device *dev_to_cosm(struct device *dev)
return container_of(dev, struct cosm_device, dev);
static inline struct cosm_driver *drv_to_cosm(struct device_driver *drv)
return container_of(drv, struct cosm_driver, driver);
#endif /* _COSM_BUS_H */