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* Copyright (c) 2000-2002,2005 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it would be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef __XFS_TRANS_H__
#define __XFS_TRANS_H__
/* kernel only transaction subsystem defines */
struct xfs_buf;
struct xfs_buftarg;
struct xfs_efd_log_item;
struct xfs_efi_log_item;
struct xfs_inode;
struct xfs_item_ops;
struct xfs_log_iovec;
struct xfs_log_item_desc;
struct xfs_mount;
struct xfs_trans;
struct xfs_trans_res;
struct xfs_dquot_acct;
struct xfs_rud_log_item;
struct xfs_rui_log_item;
struct xfs_btree_cur;
struct xfs_cui_log_item;
struct xfs_cud_log_item;
struct xfs_defer_ops;
struct xfs_bui_log_item;
struct xfs_bud_log_item;
typedef struct xfs_log_item {
struct list_head li_ail; /* AIL pointers */
xfs_lsn_t li_lsn; /* last on-disk lsn */
struct xfs_log_item_desc *li_desc; /* ptr to current desc*/
struct xfs_mount *li_mountp; /* ptr to fs mount */
struct xfs_ail *li_ailp; /* ptr to AIL */
uint li_type; /* item type */
uint li_flags; /* misc flags */
struct xfs_buf *li_buf; /* real buffer pointer */
struct xfs_log_item *li_bio_list; /* buffer item list */
void (*li_cb)(struct xfs_buf *,
struct xfs_log_item *);
/* buffer item iodone */
/* callback func */
const struct xfs_item_ops *li_ops; /* function list */
/* delayed logging */
struct list_head li_cil; /* CIL pointers */
struct xfs_log_vec *li_lv; /* active log vector */
struct xfs_log_vec *li_lv_shadow; /* standby vector */
xfs_lsn_t li_seq; /* CIL commit seq */
} xfs_log_item_t;
#define XFS_LI_IN_AIL 0x1
#define XFS_LI_ABORTED 0x2
#define XFS_LI_FAILED 0x4
#define XFS_LI_FLAGS \
{ XFS_LI_IN_AIL, "IN_AIL" }, \
struct xfs_item_ops {
void (*iop_size)(xfs_log_item_t *, int *, int *);
void (*iop_format)(xfs_log_item_t *, struct xfs_log_vec *);
void (*iop_pin)(xfs_log_item_t *);
void (*iop_unpin)(xfs_log_item_t *, int remove);
uint (*iop_push)(struct xfs_log_item *, struct list_head *);
void (*iop_unlock)(xfs_log_item_t *);
xfs_lsn_t (*iop_committed)(xfs_log_item_t *, xfs_lsn_t);
void (*iop_committing)(xfs_log_item_t *, xfs_lsn_t);
void (*iop_error)(xfs_log_item_t *, xfs_buf_t *);
void xfs_log_item_init(struct xfs_mount *mp, struct xfs_log_item *item,
int type, const struct xfs_item_ops *ops);
* Return values for the iop_push() routines.
* This is the structure maintained for every active transaction.
typedef struct xfs_trans {
unsigned int t_magic; /* magic number */
unsigned int t_log_res; /* amt of log space resvd */
unsigned int t_log_count; /* count for perm log res */
unsigned int t_blk_res; /* # of blocks resvd */
unsigned int t_blk_res_used; /* # of resvd blocks used */
unsigned int t_rtx_res; /* # of rt extents resvd */
unsigned int t_rtx_res_used; /* # of resvd rt extents used */
struct xlog_ticket *t_ticket; /* log mgr ticket */
struct xfs_mount *t_mountp; /* ptr to fs mount struct */
struct xfs_dquot_acct *t_dqinfo; /* acctg info for dquots */
unsigned int t_flags; /* misc flags */
int64_t t_icount_delta; /* superblock icount change */
int64_t t_ifree_delta; /* superblock ifree change */
int64_t t_fdblocks_delta; /* superblock fdblocks chg */
int64_t t_res_fdblocks_delta; /* on-disk only chg */
int64_t t_frextents_delta;/* superblock freextents chg*/
int64_t t_res_frextents_delta; /* on-disk only chg */
#if defined(DEBUG) || defined(XFS_WARN)
int64_t t_ag_freeblks_delta; /* debugging counter */
int64_t t_ag_flist_delta; /* debugging counter */
int64_t t_ag_btree_delta; /* debugging counter */
int64_t t_dblocks_delta;/* superblock dblocks change */
int64_t t_agcount_delta;/* superblock agcount change */
int64_t t_imaxpct_delta;/* superblock imaxpct change */
int64_t t_rextsize_delta;/* superblock rextsize chg */
int64_t t_rbmblocks_delta;/* superblock rbmblocks chg */
int64_t t_rblocks_delta;/* superblock rblocks change */
int64_t t_rextents_delta;/* superblocks rextents chg */
int64_t t_rextslog_delta;/* superblocks rextslog chg */
struct list_head t_items; /* log item descriptors */
struct list_head t_busy; /* list of busy extents */
unsigned long t_pflags; /* saved process flags state */
} xfs_trans_t;
* XFS transaction mechanism exported interfaces that are
* actually macros.
#define xfs_trans_set_sync(tp) ((tp)->t_flags |= XFS_TRANS_SYNC)
#if defined(DEBUG) || defined(XFS_WARN)
#define xfs_trans_agblocks_delta(tp, d) ((tp)->t_ag_freeblks_delta += (int64_t)d)
#define xfs_trans_agflist_delta(tp, d) ((tp)->t_ag_flist_delta += (int64_t)d)
#define xfs_trans_agbtree_delta(tp, d) ((tp)->t_ag_btree_delta += (int64_t)d)
#define xfs_trans_agblocks_delta(tp, d)
#define xfs_trans_agflist_delta(tp, d)
#define xfs_trans_agbtree_delta(tp, d)
* XFS transaction mechanism exported interfaces.
int xfs_trans_alloc(struct xfs_mount *mp, struct xfs_trans_res *resp,
uint blocks, uint rtextents, uint flags,
struct xfs_trans **tpp);
int xfs_trans_alloc_empty(struct xfs_mount *mp,
struct xfs_trans **tpp);
void xfs_trans_mod_sb(xfs_trans_t *, uint, int64_t);
struct xfs_buf *xfs_trans_get_buf_map(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_buftarg *target,
struct xfs_buf_map *map, int nmaps,
uint flags);
static inline struct xfs_buf *
struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_buftarg *target,
xfs_daddr_t blkno,
int numblks,
uint flags)
DEFINE_SINGLE_BUF_MAP(map, blkno, numblks);
return xfs_trans_get_buf_map(tp, target, &map, 1, flags);
int xfs_trans_read_buf_map(struct xfs_mount *mp,
struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_buftarg *target,
struct xfs_buf_map *map, int nmaps,
xfs_buf_flags_t flags,
struct xfs_buf **bpp,
const struct xfs_buf_ops *ops);
static inline int
struct xfs_mount *mp,
struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_buftarg *target,
xfs_daddr_t blkno,
int numblks,
xfs_buf_flags_t flags,
struct xfs_buf **bpp,
const struct xfs_buf_ops *ops)
DEFINE_SINGLE_BUF_MAP(map, blkno, numblks);
return xfs_trans_read_buf_map(mp, tp, target, &map, 1,
flags, bpp, ops);
struct xfs_buf *xfs_trans_getsb(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_mount *, int);
void xfs_trans_brelse(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_bjoin(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_bhold(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_bhold_release(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_binval(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_inode_buf(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_stale_inode_buf(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
bool xfs_trans_ordered_buf(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_dquot_buf(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *, uint);
void xfs_trans_inode_alloc_buf(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_ichgtime(struct xfs_trans *, struct xfs_inode *, int);
void xfs_trans_ijoin(struct xfs_trans *, struct xfs_inode *, uint);
void xfs_trans_log_buf(struct xfs_trans *, struct xfs_buf *, uint,
void xfs_trans_dirty_buf(struct xfs_trans *, struct xfs_buf *);
void xfs_trans_log_inode(xfs_trans_t *, struct xfs_inode *, uint);
void xfs_extent_free_init_defer_op(void);
struct xfs_efd_log_item *xfs_trans_get_efd(struct xfs_trans *,
struct xfs_efi_log_item *,
int xfs_trans_free_extent(struct xfs_trans *,
struct xfs_efd_log_item *, xfs_fsblock_t,
xfs_extlen_t, struct xfs_owner_info *);
int xfs_trans_commit(struct xfs_trans *);
int xfs_trans_roll(struct xfs_trans **);
int xfs_trans_roll_inode(struct xfs_trans **, struct xfs_inode *);
void xfs_trans_cancel(xfs_trans_t *);
int xfs_trans_ail_init(struct xfs_mount *);
void xfs_trans_ail_destroy(struct xfs_mount *);
void xfs_trans_buf_set_type(struct xfs_trans *, struct xfs_buf *,
enum xfs_blft);
void xfs_trans_buf_copy_type(struct xfs_buf *dst_bp,
struct xfs_buf *src_bp);
extern kmem_zone_t *xfs_trans_zone;
extern kmem_zone_t *xfs_log_item_desc_zone;
/* rmap updates */
enum xfs_rmap_intent_type;
void xfs_rmap_update_init_defer_op(void);
struct xfs_rud_log_item *xfs_trans_get_rud(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_rui_log_item *ruip);
int xfs_trans_log_finish_rmap_update(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_rud_log_item *rudp, enum xfs_rmap_intent_type type,
uint64_t owner, int whichfork, xfs_fileoff_t startoff,
xfs_fsblock_t startblock, xfs_filblks_t blockcount,
xfs_exntst_t state, struct xfs_btree_cur **pcur);
/* refcount updates */
enum xfs_refcount_intent_type;
void xfs_refcount_update_init_defer_op(void);
struct xfs_cud_log_item *xfs_trans_get_cud(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_cui_log_item *cuip);
int xfs_trans_log_finish_refcount_update(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_cud_log_item *cudp, struct xfs_defer_ops *dfops,
enum xfs_refcount_intent_type type, xfs_fsblock_t startblock,
xfs_extlen_t blockcount, xfs_fsblock_t *new_fsb,
xfs_extlen_t *new_len, struct xfs_btree_cur **pcur);
/* mapping updates */
enum xfs_bmap_intent_type;
void xfs_bmap_update_init_defer_op(void);
struct xfs_bud_log_item *xfs_trans_get_bud(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_bui_log_item *buip);
int xfs_trans_log_finish_bmap_update(struct xfs_trans *tp,
struct xfs_bud_log_item *rudp, struct xfs_defer_ops *dfops,
enum xfs_bmap_intent_type type, struct xfs_inode *ip,
int whichfork, xfs_fileoff_t startoff, xfs_fsblock_t startblock,
xfs_filblks_t *blockcount, xfs_exntst_t state);
#endif /* __XFS_TRANS_H__ */