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config BCM47XX_NVRAM
bool "Broadcom NVRAM driver"
depends on BCM47XX || ARCH_BCM_5301X
Broadcom home routers contain flash partition called "nvram" with all
important hardware configuration as well as some minor user setup.
NVRAM partition contains a text-like data representing name=value
This driver provides an easy way to get value of requested parameter.
It simply reads content of NVRAM and parses it. It doesn't control any
hardware part itself.
config BCM47XX_SPROM
bool "Broadcom SPROM driver"
depends on BCM47XX_NVRAM
Broadcom devices store configuration data in SPROM. Accessing it is
specific to the bus host type, e.g. PCI(e) devices have it mapped in
In case of SoC devices SPROM content is stored on a flash used by
bootloader firmware CFE. This driver provides method to ssb and bcma
drivers to read SPROM on SoC.