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Kernel driver max517
Supported chips:
* Maxim MAX517, MAX518, MAX519
Prefix: 'max517'
Datasheet: Publicly available at the Maxim website
Roland Stigge <>
The Maxim MAX517/518/519 is an 8-bit DAC on the I2C bus. The following table
shows the different feature sets of the variants MAX517, MAX518 and MAX519:
Feature MAX517 MAX518 MAX519
One output channel X
Two output channels X X
Simultaneous output updates X X
Supply voltage as reference X
Separate reference input X
Reference input for each DAC X
Via the iio sysfs interface, there are three attributes available: out1_raw,
out2_raw and out12_raw. With out1_raw and out2_raw, the current output values
(0..255) of the DACs can be written to the device. out12_raw can be used to set
both output channel values simultaneously.
With MAX517, only out1_raw is available.
Via out1_scale (and where appropriate, out2_scale), the current scaling factor
in mV can be read.
When the operating system goes to a power down state, the Power Down function
of the chip is activated, reducing the supply current to 4uA.
On power-up, the device is in 0V-output state.