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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* struct iio_bfin_timer_trigger_pdata - timer trigger platform data
* @output_enable: Enable external trigger pulse generation.
* @active_low: Whether the trigger pulse is active low.
* @duty_ns: Length of the trigger pulse in nanoseconds.
* This struct is used to configure the output pulse generation of the blackfin
* timer trigger. If output_enable is set to true an external trigger signal
* will generated on the pin corresponding to the timer. This is useful for
* converters which needs an external signal to start conversion. active_low and
* duty_ns are used to configure the type of the trigger pulse. If output_enable
* is set to false no external trigger pulse will be generated and active_low
* and duty_ns are ignored.
struct iio_bfin_timer_trigger_pdata {
bool output_enable;
bool active_low;
unsigned int duty_ns;