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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __USBMIXER_H
#define __USBMIXER_H
#include <sound/info.h>
struct usb_mixer_interface {
struct snd_usb_audio *chip;
struct usb_host_interface *hostif;
struct list_head list;
unsigned int ignore_ctl_error;
struct urb *urb;
/* array[MAX_ID_ELEMS], indexed by unit id */
struct usb_mixer_elem_list **id_elems;
/* the usb audio specification version this interface complies to */
int protocol;
/* Sound Blaster remote control stuff */
const struct rc_config *rc_cfg;
u32 rc_code;
wait_queue_head_t rc_waitq;
struct urb *rc_urb;
struct usb_ctrlrequest *rc_setup_packet;
u8 rc_buffer[6];
bool disconnected;
#define MAX_CHANNELS 16 /* max logical channels */
enum {
typedef void (*usb_mixer_elem_dump_func_t)(struct snd_info_buffer *buffer,
struct usb_mixer_elem_list *list);
typedef int (*usb_mixer_elem_resume_func_t)(struct usb_mixer_elem_list *elem);
struct usb_mixer_elem_list {
struct usb_mixer_interface *mixer;
struct usb_mixer_elem_list *next_id_elem; /* list of controls with same id */
struct snd_kcontrol *kctl;
unsigned int id;
usb_mixer_elem_dump_func_t dump;
usb_mixer_elem_resume_func_t resume;
struct usb_mixer_elem_info {
struct usb_mixer_elem_list head;
unsigned int control; /* CS or ICN (high byte) */
unsigned int cmask; /* channel mask bitmap: 0 = master */
unsigned int idx_off; /* Control index offset */
unsigned int ch_readonly;
unsigned int master_readonly;
int channels;
int val_type;
int min, max, res;
int dBmin, dBmax;
int cached;
int cache_val[MAX_CHANNELS];
u8 initialized;
u8 min_mute;
void *private_data;
int snd_usb_create_mixer(struct snd_usb_audio *chip, int ctrlif,
int ignore_error);
void snd_usb_mixer_disconnect(struct usb_mixer_interface *mixer);
void snd_usb_mixer_notify_id(struct usb_mixer_interface *mixer, int unitid);
int snd_usb_mixer_set_ctl_value(struct usb_mixer_elem_info *cval,
int request, int validx, int value_set);
int snd_usb_mixer_add_control(struct usb_mixer_elem_list *list,
struct snd_kcontrol *kctl);
void snd_usb_mixer_elem_init_std(struct usb_mixer_elem_list *list,
struct usb_mixer_interface *mixer,
int unitid);
int snd_usb_mixer_vol_tlv(struct snd_kcontrol *kcontrol, int op_flag,
unsigned int size, unsigned int __user *_tlv);
#ifdef CONFIG_PM
int snd_usb_mixer_suspend(struct usb_mixer_interface *mixer);
int snd_usb_mixer_resume(struct usb_mixer_interface *mixer, bool reset_resume);
int snd_usb_set_cur_mix_value(struct usb_mixer_elem_info *cval, int channel,
int index, int value);
int snd_usb_get_cur_mix_value(struct usb_mixer_elem_info *cval,
int channel, int index, int *value);
extern void snd_usb_mixer_elem_free(struct snd_kcontrol *kctl);
#endif /* __USBMIXER_H */