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This directory contains example configs to use ktest for various tasks.
The configs still need to be customized for your environment, but it
is broken up by task which makes it easier to understand how to set up
The configs are based off of real working configs but have been modified
and commented to show more generic use cases that are more helpful for
crosstests.conf - this config shows an example of testing a git repo against
lots of different architectures. It only does build tests, but makes
it easy to compile test different archs. You can download the arch
cross compilers from:
test.conf - A generic example of a config. This is based on an actual config
used to perform real testing.
kvm.conf - A example of a config that is used to test a virtual guest running
on a host.
snowball.conf - An example config that was used to demo against
a snowball ARM board.
include/ - The include directory holds default configs that can be
included into other configs. This is a real use example that shows how
to reuse configs for various machines or set ups. The files here
are included by other config files, where the other config files define
options and variables that will make the included config work for the
given environment.