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* AD7606 ADC driver
* Copyright 2011 Analog Devices Inc.
* Licensed under the GPL-2.
#ifndef IIO_ADC_AD7606_H_
#define IIO_ADC_AD7606_H_
* struct ad7606_chip_info - chip specific information
* @name: identification string for chip
* @channels: channel specification
* @num_channels: number of channels
* @lock protect sensor state
struct ad7606_chip_info {
const struct iio_chan_spec *channels;
unsigned int num_channels;
* struct ad7606_state - driver instance specific data
* @lock protect sensor state
struct ad7606_state {
struct device *dev;
const struct ad7606_chip_info *chip_info;
struct regulator *reg;
struct work_struct poll_work;
wait_queue_head_t wq_data_avail;
const struct ad7606_bus_ops *bops;
unsigned int range;
unsigned int oversampling;
bool done;
void __iomem *base_address;
struct mutex lock; /* protect sensor state */
struct gpio_desc *gpio_convst;
struct gpio_desc *gpio_reset;
struct gpio_desc *gpio_range;
struct gpio_desc *gpio_standby;
struct gpio_desc *gpio_frstdata;
struct gpio_descs *gpio_os;
* DMA (thus cache coherency maintenance) requires the
* transfer buffers to live in their own cache lines.
* 8 * 16-bit samples + 64-bit timestamp
unsigned short data[12] ____cacheline_aligned;
struct ad7606_bus_ops {
/* more methods added in future? */
int (*read_block)(struct device *, int, void *);
int ad7606_probe(struct device *dev, int irq, void __iomem *base_address,
const char *name, unsigned int id,
const struct ad7606_bus_ops *bops);
int ad7606_remove(struct device *dev, int irq);
enum ad7606_supported_device_ids {
extern const struct dev_pm_ops ad7606_pm_ops;
#define AD7606_PM_OPS (&ad7606_pm_ops)
#define AD7606_PM_OPS NULL
#endif /* IIO_ADC_AD7606_H_ */