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#include <asm/byteorder.h>
#include <linux/refcount.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
struct ceph_pagelist {
struct list_head head;
void *mapped_tail;
size_t length;
size_t room;
struct list_head free_list;
size_t num_pages_free;
refcount_t refcnt;
struct ceph_pagelist_cursor {
struct ceph_pagelist *pl; /* pagelist, for error checking */
struct list_head *page_lru; /* page in list */
size_t room; /* room remaining to reset to */
static inline void ceph_pagelist_init(struct ceph_pagelist *pl)
pl->mapped_tail = NULL;
pl->length = 0;
pl->room = 0;
pl->num_pages_free = 0;
refcount_set(&pl->refcnt, 1);
extern void ceph_pagelist_release(struct ceph_pagelist *pl);
extern int ceph_pagelist_append(struct ceph_pagelist *pl, const void *d, size_t l);
extern int ceph_pagelist_reserve(struct ceph_pagelist *pl, size_t space);
extern int ceph_pagelist_free_reserve(struct ceph_pagelist *pl);
extern void ceph_pagelist_set_cursor(struct ceph_pagelist *pl,
struct ceph_pagelist_cursor *c);
extern int ceph_pagelist_truncate(struct ceph_pagelist *pl,
struct ceph_pagelist_cursor *c);
static inline int ceph_pagelist_encode_64(struct ceph_pagelist *pl, u64 v)
__le64 ev = cpu_to_le64(v);
return ceph_pagelist_append(pl, &ev, sizeof(ev));
static inline int ceph_pagelist_encode_32(struct ceph_pagelist *pl, u32 v)
__le32 ev = cpu_to_le32(v);
return ceph_pagelist_append(pl, &ev, sizeof(ev));
static inline int ceph_pagelist_encode_16(struct ceph_pagelist *pl, u16 v)
__le16 ev = cpu_to_le16(v);
return ceph_pagelist_append(pl, &ev, sizeof(ev));
static inline int ceph_pagelist_encode_8(struct ceph_pagelist *pl, u8 v)
return ceph_pagelist_append(pl, &v, 1);
static inline int ceph_pagelist_encode_string(struct ceph_pagelist *pl,
char *s, size_t len)
int ret = ceph_pagelist_encode_32(pl, len);
if (ret)
return ret;
if (len)
return ceph_pagelist_append(pl, s, len);
return 0;