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* MIPI Display Bus Interface (DBI) LCD controller support
* Copyright 2016 Noralf Trønnes
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef __LINUX_MIPI_DBI_H
#define __LINUX_MIPI_DBI_H
#include <drm/tinydrm/tinydrm.h>
struct spi_device;
struct gpio_desc;
struct regulator;
* struct mipi_dbi - MIPI DBI controller
* @tinydrm: tinydrm base
* @spi: SPI device
* @enabled: Pipeline is enabled
* @cmdlock: Command lock
* @command: Bus specific callback executing commands.
* @read_commands: Array of read commands terminated by a zero entry.
* Reading is disabled if this is NULL.
* @dc: Optional D/C gpio.
* @tx_buf: Buffer used for transfer (copy clip rect area)
* @tx_buf9: Buffer used for Option 1 9-bit conversion
* @tx_buf9_len: Size of tx_buf9.
* @swap_bytes: Swap bytes in buffer before transfer
* @reset: Optional reset gpio
* @rotation: initial rotation in degrees Counter Clock Wise
* @backlight: backlight device (optional)
* @regulator: power regulator (optional)
struct mipi_dbi {
struct tinydrm_device tinydrm;
struct spi_device *spi;
bool enabled;
struct mutex cmdlock;
int (*command)(struct mipi_dbi *mipi, u8 cmd, u8 *param, size_t num);
const u8 *read_commands;
struct gpio_desc *dc;
u16 *tx_buf;
void *tx_buf9;
size_t tx_buf9_len;
bool swap_bytes;
struct gpio_desc *reset;
unsigned int rotation;
struct backlight_device *backlight;
struct regulator *regulator;
static inline struct mipi_dbi *
mipi_dbi_from_tinydrm(struct tinydrm_device *tdev)
return container_of(tdev, struct mipi_dbi, tinydrm);
int mipi_dbi_spi_init(struct spi_device *spi, struct mipi_dbi *mipi,
struct gpio_desc *dc);
int mipi_dbi_init(struct device *dev, struct mipi_dbi *mipi,
const struct drm_simple_display_pipe_funcs *pipe_funcs,
struct drm_driver *driver,
const struct drm_display_mode *mode, unsigned int rotation);
void mipi_dbi_pipe_enable(struct drm_simple_display_pipe *pipe,
struct drm_crtc_state *crtc_state);
void mipi_dbi_pipe_disable(struct drm_simple_display_pipe *pipe);
void mipi_dbi_hw_reset(struct mipi_dbi *mipi);
bool mipi_dbi_display_is_on(struct mipi_dbi *mipi);
int mipi_dbi_command_read(struct mipi_dbi *mipi, u8 cmd, u8 *val);
int mipi_dbi_command_buf(struct mipi_dbi *mipi, u8 cmd, u8 *data, size_t len);
* mipi_dbi_command - MIPI DCS command with optional parameter(s)
* @mipi: MIPI structure
* @cmd: Command
* @seq...: Optional parameter(s)
* Send MIPI DCS command to the controller. Use mipi_dbi_command_read() for
* get/read.
* Returns:
* Zero on success, negative error code on failure.
#define mipi_dbi_command(mipi, cmd, seq...) \
({ \
u8 d[] = { seq }; \
mipi_dbi_command_buf(mipi, cmd, d, ARRAY_SIZE(d)); \
int mipi_dbi_debugfs_init(struct drm_minor *minor);
#define mipi_dbi_debugfs_init NULL
#endif /* __LINUX_MIPI_DBI_H */