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* Summit Microelectronics SMB347 Battery Charger Driver
* Copyright (C) 2011, Intel Corporation
* Authors: Bruce E. Robertson <>
* Mika Westerberg <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef SMB347_CHARGER_H
#define SMB347_CHARGER_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/power_supply.h>
enum {
/* use the default compensation method */
/* Use default factory programmed value for hard/soft temperature limit */
#define SMB347_TEMP_USE_DEFAULT -273
* Charging enable can be controlled by software (via i2c) by
* smb347-charger driver or by EN pin (active low/high).
enum smb347_chg_enable {
* struct smb347_charger_platform_data - platform data for SMB347 charger
* @battery_info: Information about the battery
* @max_charge_current: maximum current (in uA) the battery can be charged
* @max_charge_voltage: maximum voltage (in uV) the battery can be charged
* @pre_charge_current: current (in uA) to use in pre-charging phase
* @termination_current: current (in uA) used to determine when the
* charging cycle terminates
* @pre_to_fast_voltage: voltage (in uV) treshold used for transitioning to
* pre-charge to fast charge mode
* @mains_current_limit: maximum input current drawn from AC/DC input (in uA)
* @usb_hc_current_limit: maximum input high current (in uA) drawn from USB
* input
* @chip_temp_threshold: die temperature where device starts limiting charge
* current [%100 - %130] (in degree C)
* @soft_cold_temp_limit: soft cold temperature limit [%0 - %15] (in degree C),
* granularity is 5 deg C.
* @soft_hot_temp_limit: soft hot temperature limit [%40 - %55] (in degree C),
* granularity is 5 deg C.
* @hard_cold_temp_limit: hard cold temperature limit [%-5 - %10] (in degree C),
* granularity is 5 deg C.
* @hard_hot_temp_limit: hard hot temperature limit [%50 - %65] (in degree C),
* granularity is 5 deg C.
* @suspend_on_hard_temp_limit: suspend charging when hard limit is hit
* @soft_temp_limit_compensation: compensation method when soft temperature
* limit is hit
* @charge_current_compensation: current (in uA) for charging compensation
* current when temperature hits soft limits
* @use_mains: AC/DC input can be used
* @use_usb: USB input can be used
* @use_usb_otg: USB OTG output can be used (not implemented yet)
* @irq_gpio: GPIO number used for interrupts (%-1 if not used)
* @enable_control: how charging enable/disable is controlled
* (driver/pin controls)
* @use_main, @use_usb, and @use_usb_otg are means to enable/disable
* hardware support for these. This is useful when we want to have for
* example OTG charging controlled via OTG transceiver driver and not by
* the SMB347 hardware.
* Hard and soft temperature limit values are given as described in the
* device data sheet and assuming NTC beta value is %3750. Even if this is
* not the case, these values should be used. They can be mapped to the
* corresponding NTC beta values with the help of table %2 in the data
* sheet. So for example if NTC beta is %3375 and we want to program hard
* hot limit to be %53 deg C, @hard_hot_temp_limit should be set to %50.
* If zero value is given in any of the current and voltage values, the
* factory programmed default will be used. For soft/hard temperature
* values, pass in %SMB347_TEMP_USE_DEFAULT instead.
struct smb347_charger_platform_data {
struct power_supply_info battery_info;
unsigned int max_charge_current;
unsigned int max_charge_voltage;
unsigned int pre_charge_current;
unsigned int termination_current;
unsigned int pre_to_fast_voltage;
unsigned int mains_current_limit;
unsigned int usb_hc_current_limit;
unsigned int chip_temp_threshold;
int soft_cold_temp_limit;
int soft_hot_temp_limit;
int hard_cold_temp_limit;
int hard_hot_temp_limit;
bool suspend_on_hard_temp_limit;
unsigned int soft_temp_limit_compensation;
unsigned int charge_current_compensation;
bool use_mains;
bool use_usb;
bool use_usb_otg;
int irq_gpio;
enum smb347_chg_enable enable_control;
#endif /* SMB347_CHARGER_H */