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* SR-IPv6 implementation
* Author:
* David Lebrun <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef _NET_SEG6_H
#define _NET_SEG6_H
#include <linux/net.h>
#include <linux/ipv6.h>
#include <net/lwtunnel.h>
#include <linux/seg6.h>
#include <linux/rhashtable.h>
static inline void update_csum_diff4(struct sk_buff *skb, __be32 from,
__be32 to)
__be32 diff[] = { ~from, to };
skb->csum = ~csum_partial((char *)diff, sizeof(diff), ~skb->csum);
static inline void update_csum_diff16(struct sk_buff *skb, __be32 *from,
__be32 *to)
__be32 diff[] = {
~from[0], ~from[1], ~from[2], ~from[3],
to[0], to[1], to[2], to[3],
skb->csum = ~csum_partial((char *)diff, sizeof(diff), ~skb->csum);
struct seg6_pernet_data {
struct mutex lock;
struct in6_addr __rcu *tun_src;
struct rhashtable hmac_infos;
static inline struct seg6_pernet_data *seg6_pernet(struct net *net)
return net->ipv6.seg6_data;
extern int seg6_init(void);
extern void seg6_exit(void);
extern int seg6_iptunnel_init(void);
extern void seg6_iptunnel_exit(void);
extern int seg6_local_init(void);
extern void seg6_local_exit(void);
extern bool seg6_validate_srh(struct ipv6_sr_hdr *srh, int len);
extern int seg6_do_srh_encap(struct sk_buff *skb, struct ipv6_sr_hdr *osrh,
int proto);
extern int seg6_do_srh_inline(struct sk_buff *skb, struct ipv6_sr_hdr *osrh);