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extern struct nft_expr_type nft_imm_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_cmp_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_lookup_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_bitwise_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_byteorder_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_payload_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_dynset_type;
extern struct nft_expr_type nft_range_type;
int nf_tables_core_module_init(void);
void nf_tables_core_module_exit(void);
struct nft_cmp_fast_expr {
u32 data;
enum nft_registers sreg:8;
u8 len;
/* Calculate the mask for the nft_cmp_fast expression. On big endian the
* mask needs to include the *upper* bytes when interpreting that data as
* something smaller than the full u32, therefore a cpu_to_le32 is done.
static inline u32 nft_cmp_fast_mask(unsigned int len)
return cpu_to_le32(~0U >> (FIELD_SIZEOF(struct nft_cmp_fast_expr,
data) * BITS_PER_BYTE - len));
extern const struct nft_expr_ops nft_cmp_fast_ops;
struct nft_payload {
enum nft_payload_bases base:8;
u8 offset;
u8 len;
enum nft_registers dreg:8;
struct nft_payload_set {
enum nft_payload_bases base:8;
u8 offset;
u8 len;
enum nft_registers sreg:8;
u8 csum_type;
u8 csum_offset;
u8 csum_flags;
extern const struct nft_expr_ops nft_payload_fast_ops;
extern struct static_key_false nft_counters_enabled;
extern struct static_key_false nft_trace_enabled;
#endif /* _NET_NF_TABLES_CORE_H */