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* linux/arch/unicore32/include/asm/assembler.h
* Code specific to PKUnity SoC and UniCore ISA
* Copyright (C) 2001-2010 GUAN Xue-tao
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* Do not include any C declarations in this file - it is included by
* assembler source.
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#error "Only include this from assembly code"
#include <asm/ptrace.h>
* Little Endian independent macros for shifting bytes within registers.
#define pull >>
#define push <<
#define get_byte_0 << #0
#define get_byte_1 >> #8
#define get_byte_2 >> #16
#define get_byte_3 >> #24
#define put_byte_0 << #0
#define put_byte_1 << #8
#define put_byte_2 << #16
#define put_byte_3 << #24
#define cadd cmpadd
#define cand cmpand
#define csub cmpsub
#define cxor cmpxor
* Enable and disable interrupts
.macro disable_irq, temp
mov \temp, asr
andn \temp, \temp, #0xFF
or \temp, \temp, #PSR_I_BIT | PRIV_MODE
mov.a asr, \temp
.macro enable_irq, temp
mov \temp, asr
andn \temp, \temp, #0xFF
or \temp, \temp, #PRIV_MODE
mov.a asr, \temp
#define USER(x...) \
9999: x; \
.pushsection __ex_table, "a"; \
.align 3; \
.long 9999b, 9001f; \
.macro notcond, cond, nexti = .+8
.ifc \cond, eq
bne \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, ne
beq \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, ea
bub \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, ub
bea \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, fs
bns \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, ns
bfs \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, fv
bnv \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, nv
bfv \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, ua
beb \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, eb
bua \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, eg
bsl \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, sl
beg \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, sg
bel \nexti
.else; .ifc \cond, el
bsg \nexti
.else; .ifnc \cond, al
.error "Unknown cond in notcond macro argument"
.endif; .endif; .endif; .endif; .endif; .endif; .endif
.endif; .endif; .endif; .endif; .endif; .endif; .endif
.macro usracc, instr, reg, ptr, inc, cond, rept, abort
.rept \rept
notcond \cond, .+8
9999 :
.if \inc == 1
\instr\()b.u \reg, [\ptr], #\inc
.elseif \inc == 4
\instr\()w.u \reg, [\ptr], #\inc
.error "Unsupported inc macro argument"
.pushsection __ex_table, "a"
.align 3
.long 9999b, \abort
.macro strusr, reg, ptr, inc, cond = al, rept = 1, abort = 9001f
usracc st, \reg, \ptr, \inc, \cond, \rept, \abort
.macro ldrusr, reg, ptr, inc, cond = al, rept = 1, abort = 9001f
usracc ld, \reg, \ptr, \inc, \cond, \rept, \abort
.macro nop8
.rept 8