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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* CRUSH functions for find rules and then mapping an input to an
* output set.
#include "crush.h"
extern int crush_find_rule(const struct crush_map *map, int ruleset, int type, int size);
int crush_do_rule(const struct crush_map *map,
int ruleno, int x, int *result, int result_max,
const __u32 *weight, int weight_max,
void *cwin, const struct crush_choose_arg *choose_args);
* Returns the exact amount of workspace that will need to be used
* for a given combination of crush_map and result_max. The caller can
* then allocate this much on its own, either on the stack, in a
* per-thread long-lived buffer, or however it likes.
static inline size_t crush_work_size(const struct crush_map *map,
int result_max)
return map->working_size + result_max * 3 * sizeof(__u32);
void crush_init_workspace(const struct crush_map *map, void *v);