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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* struct gpio_tilt_axis - Axis used by the tilt switch
* @axis: Constant describing the axis, e.g. ABS_X
* @min: minimum value for abs_param
* @max: maximum value for abs_param
* @fuzz: fuzz value for abs_param
* @flat: flat value for abs_param
struct gpio_tilt_axis {
int axis;
int min;
int max;
int fuzz;
int flat;
* struct gpio_tilt_state - state description
* @gpios: bitfield of gpio target-states for the value
* @axes: array containing the axes settings for the gpio state
* The array indizes must correspond to the axes defined
* in platform_data
* This structure describes a supported axis settings
* and the necessary gpio-state which represent it.
* The n-th bit in the bitfield describes the state of the n-th GPIO
* from the gpios-array defined in gpio_regulator_config below.
struct gpio_tilt_state {
int gpios;
int *axes;
* struct gpio_tilt_platform_data
* @gpios: Array containing the gpios determining the tilt state
* @nr_gpios: Number of gpios
* @axes: Array of gpio_tilt_axis descriptions
* @nr_axes: Number of axes
* @states: Array of gpio_tilt_state entries describing
* the gpio state for specific tilts
* @nr_states: Number of states available
* @debounce_interval: debounce ticks interval in msecs
* @poll_interval: polling interval in msecs - for polling driver only
* @enable: callback to enable the tilt switch
* @disable: callback to disable the tilt switch
* This structure contains gpio-tilt-switch configuration
* information that must be passed by platform code to the
* gpio-tilt input driver.
struct gpio_tilt_platform_data {
struct gpio *gpios;
int nr_gpios;
struct gpio_tilt_axis *axes;
int nr_axes;
struct gpio_tilt_state *states;
int nr_states;
int debounce_interval;
unsigned int poll_interval;
int (*enable)(struct device *dev);
void (*disable)(struct device *dev);