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#ifndef NETDEV_PCS_H
#define NETDEV_PCS_H
#include <linux/phy.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
struct device_node;
struct ethtool_cmd;
struct net_device;
enum {
MLO_AN_PHY = 0, /* Conventional PHY */
MLO_AN_FIXED, /* Fixed-link mode */
MLO_AN_SGMII, /* Cisco SGMII protocol */
MLO_AN_8023Z, /* 1000base-X protocol */
static inline bool phylink_autoneg_inband(unsigned int mode)
return mode == MLO_AN_SGMII || mode == MLO_AN_8023Z;
struct phylink_link_state {
phy_interface_t interface; /* PHY_INTERFACE_xxx */
int speed;
int duplex;
int pause;
unsigned int link:1;
unsigned int an_enabled:1;
unsigned int an_complete:1;
struct phylink_mac_ops {
* validate: validate and update the link configuration
* @ndev: net_device structure associated with MAC
* @config: configuration to validate
* Update the %config->supported and %config->advertised masks
* clearing bits that can not be supported.
* Note: the PHY may be able to transform from one connection
* technology to another, so, eg, don't clear 1000BaseX just
* because the MAC is unable to support it. This is more about
* clearing unsupported speeds and duplex settings.
* If the %config->interface mode is %PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_1000BASEX
* or %PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_2500BASEX, select the appropriate mode
* based on %config->advertised and/or %config->speed.
void (*validate)(struct net_device *ndev, unsigned long *supported,
struct phylink_link_state *state);
/* Read the current link state from the hardware */
int (*mac_link_state)(struct net_device *, struct phylink_link_state *);
/* Configure the MAC */
* mac_config: configure the MAC for the selected mode and state
* @ndev: net_device structure for the MAC
* @mode: one of MLO_AN_FIXED, MLO_AN_PHY, MLO_AN_8023Z, MLO_AN_SGMII
* @state: state structure
* The action performed depends on the currently selected mode:
* set the specified speed, duplex, pause mode, and phy interface
* mode in the provided @state.
* %MLO_AN_8023Z:
* place the link in 1000base-X mode, advertising the parameters
* given in advertising in @state.
* place the link in Cisco SGMII mode - there is no advertisment
* to make as the PHY communicates the speed and duplex to the
* MAC over the in-band control word. Configuration of the pause
* mode is as per MLO_AN_PHY since this is not included.
void (*mac_config)(struct net_device *ndev, unsigned int mode,
const struct phylink_link_state *state);
* mac_an_restart: restart 802.3z BaseX autonegotiation
* @ndev: net_device structure for the MAC
void (*mac_an_restart)(struct net_device *ndev);
void (*mac_link_down)(struct net_device *, unsigned int mode);
void (*mac_link_up)(struct net_device *, unsigned int mode,
struct phy_device *);
struct phylink *phylink_create(struct net_device *, struct device_node *,
phy_interface_t iface, const struct phylink_mac_ops *ops);
void phylink_destroy(struct phylink *);
int phylink_connect_phy(struct phylink *, struct phy_device *);
int phylink_of_phy_connect(struct phylink *, struct device_node *);
void phylink_disconnect_phy(struct phylink *);
void phylink_mac_change(struct phylink *, bool up);
void phylink_start(struct phylink *);
void phylink_stop(struct phylink *);
void phylink_ethtool_get_wol(struct phylink *, struct ethtool_wolinfo *);
int phylink_ethtool_set_wol(struct phylink *, struct ethtool_wolinfo *);
int phylink_ethtool_ksettings_get(struct phylink *,
struct ethtool_link_ksettings *);
int phylink_ethtool_ksettings_set(struct phylink *,
const struct ethtool_link_ksettings *);
int phylink_ethtool_nway_reset(struct phylink *);
void phylink_ethtool_get_pauseparam(struct phylink *,
struct ethtool_pauseparam *);
int phylink_ethtool_set_pauseparam(struct phylink *,
struct ethtool_pauseparam *);
int phylink_ethtool_get_module_info(struct phylink *, struct ethtool_modinfo *);
int phylink_ethtool_get_module_eeprom(struct phylink *,
struct ethtool_eeprom *, u8 *);
int phylink_init_eee(struct phylink *, bool);
int phylink_get_eee_err(struct phylink *);
int phylink_ethtool_get_eee(struct phylink *, struct ethtool_eee *);
int phylink_ethtool_set_eee(struct phylink *, struct ethtool_eee *);
int phylink_mii_ioctl(struct phylink *, struct ifreq *, int);
#define phylink_zero(bm) \
#define __phylink_do_bit(op, bm, mode) \
op(ETHTOOL_LINK_MODE_ ## mode ## _BIT, bm)
#define phylink_set(bm, mode) __phylink_do_bit(__set_bit, bm, mode)
#define phylink_clear(bm, mode) __phylink_do_bit(__clear_bit, bm, mode)
#define phylink_test(bm, mode) __phylink_do_bit(test_bit, bm, mode)
void phylink_set_port_modes(unsigned long *bits);