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* Copyright (C) ST-Ericsson AB 2012
* Author: Sjur Brendeland /
* License terms: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
#ifndef __INC_MODEM_DEV_H
#define __INC_MODEM_DEV_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
struct ste_modem_device;
* struct ste_modem_dev_cb - Callbacks for modem initiated events.
* @kick: Called when the modem kicks the host.
* This structure contains callbacks for actions triggered by the modem.
struct ste_modem_dev_cb {
void (*kick)(struct ste_modem_device *mdev, int notify_id);
* struct ste_modem_dev_ops - Functions to control modem and modem interface.
* @power: Main power switch, used for cold-start or complete power off.
* @kick: Kick the modem.
* @kick_subscribe: Subscribe for notifications from the modem.
* @setup: Provide callback functions to modem device.
* This structure contains functions used by the ste remoteproc driver
* to manage the modem.
struct ste_modem_dev_ops {
int (*power)(struct ste_modem_device *mdev, bool on);
int (*kick)(struct ste_modem_device *mdev, int notify_id);
int (*kick_subscribe)(struct ste_modem_device *mdev, int notify_id);
int (*setup)(struct ste_modem_device *mdev,
struct ste_modem_dev_cb *cfg);
* struct ste_modem_device - represent the STE modem device
* @pdev: Reference to platform device
* @ops: Operations used to manage the modem.
* @drv_data: Driver private data.
struct ste_modem_device {
struct platform_device pdev;
struct ste_modem_dev_ops ops;
void *drv_data;
#endif /*INC_MODEM_DEV_H*/