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What: /sys/module
The /sys/module tree consists of the following structure:
The name of the module that is in the kernel. This
module name will always show up if the module is loaded as a
dynamic module. If it is built directly into the kernel, it
will only show up if it has a version or at least one
Note: The conditions of creation in the built-in case are not
by design and may be removed in the future.
This directory contains individual files that are each
individual parameters of the module that are able to be
changed at runtime. See the individual module
documentation as to the contents of these parameters and
what they accomplish.
Note: The individual parameter names and values are not
considered stable, only the fact that they will be
placed in this location within sysfs. See the
individual driver documentation for details as to the
stability of the different parameters.
If the module is able to be unloaded from the kernel, this file
will contain the current reference count of the module.
Note: If the module is built into the kernel, or if the
CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD kernel configuration value is not enabled,
this file will not be present.