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.. note::
This documentation is outdated. There are several other DVB contributors
that aren't listed below.
Thanks go to the following people for patches and contributions:
- Michael Hunold <>
- for the initial saa7146 driver and its recent overhaul
- Christian Theiss
- for his work on the initial Linux DVB driver
- Marcus Metzler <> and
Ralph Metzler <>
- for their continuing work on the DVB driver
- Michael Holzt <>
- for his contributions to the dvb-net driver
- Diego Picciani <>
- for CyberLogin for Linux which allows logging onto EON
(in case you are wondering where CyberLogin is, EON changed its login
procedure and CyberLogin is no longer used.)
- Martin Schaller <>
- for patching the cable card decoder driver
- Klaus Schmidinger <>
- for various fixes regarding tuning, OSD and CI stuff and his work on VDR
- Steve Brown <>
- for his AFC kernel thread
- Christoph Martin <>
- for his LIRC infrared handler
- Andreas Oberritter <>,
Dennis Noermann <>,
Felix Domke <>,
Florian Schirmer <>,
Ronny Strutz <>,
Wolfram Joost <>
and all the other dbox2 people
- for many bugfixes in the generic DVB Core, frontend drivers and
their work on the dbox2 port of the DVB driver
- Oliver Endriss <>
- for many bugfixes
- Andrew de Quincey <>
- for the tda1004x frontend driver, and various bugfixes
- Peter Schildmann <>
- for the driver for the Technisat SkyStar2 PCI DVB card
- Vadim Catana <>,
Roberto Ragusa <> and
Augusto Cardoso <>
- for all the work for the FlexCopII chipset by B2C2,Inc.
- Davor Emard <>
- for his work on the budget drivers, the demux code,
the module unloading problems, ...
- Hans-Frieder Vogt <>
- for his work on calculating and checking the crc's for the
TechnoTrend/Hauppauge DEC driver firmware
- Michael Dreher <> and
Andreas 'randy' Weinberger
- for the support of the Fujitsu-Siemens Activy budget DVB-S
- Kenneth AaflΓΈy <>
- for adding support for Typhoon DVB-S budget card
- Ernst Peinlich <>
- for tuning/DiSEqC support for the DEC 3000-s
- Peter Beutner <>
- for the IR code for the ttusb-dec driver
- Wilson Michaels <>
- for the lgdt330x frontend driver, and various bugfixes
- Michael Krufky <>
- for maintaining v4l/dvb inter-tree dependencies
- Taylor Jacob <>
- for the nxt2002 frontend driver
- Jean-Francois Thibert <>
- for the nxt2004 frontend driver
- Kirk Lapray <>
- for the or51211 and or51132 frontend drivers, and
for merging the nxt2002 and nxt2004 modules into a
single nxt200x frontend driver.
(If you think you should be in this list, but you are not, drop a
line to the DVB mailing list)