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config WIMAX_I2400M
depends on WIMAX
select FW_LOADER
comment "Enable USB support to see WiMAX USB drivers"
depends on USB = n
config WIMAX_I2400M_USB
tristate "Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 over USB (including 5x50)"
depends on WIMAX && USB
select WIMAX_I2400M
Select if you have a device based on the Intel WiMAX
Connection 2400 over USB (like any of the Intel Wireless
WiMAX/WiFi Link 5x50 series).
If unsure, it is safe to select M (module).
int "WiMAX i2400m debug level"
depends on WIMAX_I2400M
default 8
Select the maximum debug verbosity level to be compiled into
the WiMAX i2400m driver code.
By default, this is disabled at runtime and can be
selectively enabled at runtime for different parts of the
code using the sysfs debug-levels file.
If set at zero, this will compile out all the debug code.
It is recommended that it is left at 8.