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* AppArmor security module
* This file contains AppArmor policy definitions.
* Copyright (C) 1998-2008 Novell/SUSE
* Copyright 2009-2017 Canonical Ltd.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2 of the
* License.
#ifndef __AA_NAMESPACE_H
#define __AA_NAMESPACE_H
#include <linux/kref.h>
#include "apparmor.h"
#include "apparmorfs.h"
#include "label.h"
#include "policy.h"
/* struct aa_ns_acct - accounting of profiles in namespace
* @max_size: maximum space allowed for all profiles in namespace
* @max_count: maximum number of profiles that can be in this namespace
* @size: current size of profiles
* @count: current count of profiles (includes null profiles)
struct aa_ns_acct {
int max_size;
int max_count;
int size;
int count;
/* struct aa_ns - namespace for a set of profiles
* @base: common policy
* @parent: parent of namespace
* @lock: lock for modifying the object
* @acct: accounting for the namespace
* @unconfined: special unconfined profile for the namespace
* @sub_ns: list of namespaces under the current namespace.
* @uniq_null: uniq value used for null learning profiles
* @uniq_id: a unique id count for the profiles in the namespace
* @level: level of ns within the tree hierarchy
* @dents: dentries for the namespaces file entries in apparmorfs
* An aa_ns defines the set profiles that are searched to determine which
* profile to attach to a task. Profiles can not be shared between aa_ns
* and profile names within a namespace are guaranteed to be unique. When
* profiles in separate namespaces have the same name they are NOT considered
* to be equivalent.
* Namespaces are hierarchical and only namespaces and profiles below the
* current namespace are visible.
* Namespace names must be unique and can not contain the characters :/\0
struct aa_ns {
struct aa_policy base;
struct aa_ns *parent;
struct mutex lock;
struct aa_ns_acct acct;
struct aa_profile *unconfined;
struct list_head sub_ns;
atomic_t uniq_null;
long uniq_id;
int level;
long revision;
wait_queue_head_t wait;
struct aa_labelset labels;
struct list_head rawdata_list;
struct dentry *dents[AAFS_NS_SIZEOF];
extern struct aa_ns *root_ns;
extern const char *aa_hidden_ns_name;
#define ns_unconfined(NS) (&(NS)->unconfined->label)
bool aa_ns_visible(struct aa_ns *curr, struct aa_ns *view, bool subns);
const char *aa_ns_name(struct aa_ns *parent, struct aa_ns *child, bool subns);
void aa_free_ns(struct aa_ns *ns);
int aa_alloc_root_ns(void);
void aa_free_root_ns(void);
void aa_free_ns_kref(struct kref *kref);
struct aa_ns *aa_find_ns(struct aa_ns *root, const char *name);
struct aa_ns *aa_findn_ns(struct aa_ns *root, const char *name, size_t n);
struct aa_ns *__aa_lookupn_ns(struct aa_ns *view, const char *hname, size_t n);
struct aa_ns *aa_lookupn_ns(struct aa_ns *view, const char *name, size_t n);
struct aa_ns *__aa_find_or_create_ns(struct aa_ns *parent, const char *name,
struct dentry *dir);
struct aa_ns *aa_prepare_ns(struct aa_ns *root, const char *name);
void __aa_remove_ns(struct aa_ns *ns);
static inline struct aa_profile *aa_deref_parent(struct aa_profile *p)
return rcu_dereference_protected(p->parent,
* aa_get_ns - increment references count on @ns
* @ns: namespace to increment reference count of (MAYBE NULL)
* Returns: pointer to @ns, if @ns is NULL returns NULL
* Requires: @ns must be held with valid refcount when called
static inline struct aa_ns *aa_get_ns(struct aa_ns *ns)
if (ns)
return ns;
* aa_put_ns - decrement refcount on @ns
* @ns: namespace to put reference of
* Decrement reference count of @ns and if no longer in use free it
static inline void aa_put_ns(struct aa_ns *ns)
if (ns)
* __aa_findn_ns - find a namespace on a list by @name
* @head: list to search for namespace on (NOT NULL)
* @name: name of namespace to look for (NOT NULL)
* @n: length of @name
* Returns: unrefcounted namespace
* Requires: rcu_read_lock be held
static inline struct aa_ns *__aa_findn_ns(struct list_head *head,
const char *name, size_t n)
return (struct aa_ns *)__policy_strn_find(head, name, n);
static inline struct aa_ns *__aa_find_ns(struct list_head *head,
const char *name)
return __aa_findn_ns(head, name, strlen(name));
static inline struct aa_ns *__aa_lookup_ns(struct aa_ns *base,
const char *hname)
return __aa_lookupn_ns(base, hname, strlen(hname));
static inline struct aa_ns *aa_lookup_ns(struct aa_ns *view, const char *name)
return aa_lookupn_ns(view, name, strlen(name));
#endif /* AA_NAMESPACE_H */