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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/vmalloc.h>
#include <asm/pgtable.h>
/* the upper-most page table pointer */
extern pmd_t *top_pmd;
* 0xffff8000 to 0xffffffff is reserved for any ARM architecture
* specific hacks for copying pages efficiently, while 0xffff4000
* is reserved for VIPT aliasing flushing by generic code.
* Note that we don't allow VIPT aliasing caches with SMP.
#define COPYPAGE_MINICACHE 0xffff8000
#define COPYPAGE_V6_FROM 0xffff8000
#define COPYPAGE_V6_TO 0xffffc000
/* PFN alias flushing, for VIPT caches */
#define FLUSH_ALIAS_START 0xffff4000
static inline void set_top_pte(unsigned long va, pte_t pte)
pte_t *ptep = pte_offset_kernel(top_pmd, va);
set_pte_ext(ptep, pte, 0);
static inline pte_t get_top_pte(unsigned long va)
pte_t *ptep = pte_offset_kernel(top_pmd, va);
return *ptep;
static inline pmd_t *pmd_off_k(unsigned long virt)
return pmd_offset(pud_offset(pgd_offset_k(virt), virt), virt);
struct mem_type {
pteval_t prot_pte;
pteval_t prot_pte_s2;
pmdval_t prot_l1;
pmdval_t prot_sect;
unsigned int domain;
const struct mem_type *get_mem_type(unsigned int type);
extern void __flush_dcache_page(struct address_space *mapping, struct page *page);
* ARM specific vm_struct->flags bits.
/* (super)section-mapped I/O regions used by ioremap()/iounmap() */
#define VM_ARM_SECTION_MAPPING 0x80000000
/* permanent static mappings from iotable_init() */
#define VM_ARM_STATIC_MAPPING 0x40000000
/* empty mapping */
#define VM_ARM_EMPTY_MAPPING 0x20000000
/* mapping type (attributes) for permanent static mappings */
#define VM_ARM_MTYPE(mt) ((mt) << 20)
#define VM_ARM_MTYPE_MASK (0x1f << 20)
/* consistent regions used by dma_alloc_attrs() */
#define VM_ARM_DMA_CONSISTENT 0x20000000
struct static_vm {
struct vm_struct vm;
struct list_head list;
extern struct list_head static_vmlist;
extern struct static_vm *find_static_vm_vaddr(void *vaddr);
extern __init void add_static_vm_early(struct static_vm *svm);
extern phys_addr_t arm_dma_limit;
extern unsigned long arm_dma_pfn_limit;
#define arm_dma_limit ((phys_addr_t)~0)
#define arm_dma_pfn_limit (~0ul >> PAGE_SHIFT)
extern phys_addr_t arm_lowmem_limit;
void __init bootmem_init(void);
void arm_mm_memblock_reserve(void);
void dma_contiguous_remap(void);
unsigned long __clear_cr(unsigned long mask);