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menuconfig MAILBOX
bool "Mailbox Hardware Support"
Mailbox is a framework to control hardware communication between
on-chip processors through queued messages and interrupt driven
signals. Say Y if your platform supports hardware mailboxes.
config ARM_MHU
tristate "ARM MHU Mailbox"
depends on ARM_AMBA
Say Y here if you want to build the ARM MHU controller driver.
The controller has 3 mailbox channels, the last of which can be
used in Secure mode only.
config PL320_MBOX
bool "ARM PL320 Mailbox"
depends on ARM_AMBA
An implementation of the ARM PL320 Interprocessor Communication
Mailbox (IPCM), tailored for the Calxeda Highbank. It is used to
send short messages between Highbank's A9 cores and the EnergyCore
Management Engine, primarily for cpufreq. Say Y here if you want
to use the PL320 IPCM support.
tristate "OMAP2+ Mailbox framework support"
depends on ARCH_OMAP2PLUS
Mailbox implementation for OMAP family chips with hardware for
interprocessor communication involving DSP, IVA1.0 and IVA2 in
OMAP2/3; or IPU, IVA HD and DSP in OMAP4/5. Say Y here if you
want to use OMAP2+ Mailbox framework support.
int "Mailbox kfifo default buffer size (bytes)"
depends on OMAP2PLUS_MBOX
default 256
Specify the default size of mailbox's kfifo buffers (bytes).
This can also be changed at runtime (via the mbox_kfifo_size
module parameter).
config PCC
bool "Platform Communication Channel Driver"
depends on ACPI
default n
ACPI 5.0+ spec defines a generic mode of communication
between the OS and a platform such as the BMC. This medium
(PCC) is typically used by CPPC (ACPI CPU Performance management),
RAS (ACPI reliability protocol) and MPST (ACPI Memory power
states). Select this driver if your platform implements the
PCC clients mentioned above.
tristate "Altera Mailbox"
depends on HAS_IOMEM
An implementation of the Altera Mailbox soft core. It is used
to send message between processors. Say Y here if you want to use the
Altera mailbox support.
config BCM2835_MBOX
tristate "BCM2835 Mailbox"
depends on ARCH_BCM2835
An implementation of the BCM2385 Mailbox. It is used to invoke
the services of the Videocore. Say Y here if you want to use the
BCM2835 Mailbox.