website: Clarify steps in tutorial part 2.2

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diff --git a/_pages/documentation/learning_gem5/part2/ b/_pages/documentation/learning_gem5/part2/
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@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@
 When creating a new debug flag, we first have to declare it in a
 SConscript file. Add the following to the SConscript file in the
-directory with your hello object code (src/learning\_gem5/).
+directory with your hello object code (`src/learning_gem5/SConscript`).
@@ -239,7 +239,8 @@
 get the following result.
-    build/X86/gem5.opt --debug-flags=HelloExample configs/learning_gem5/part2/
+scons build/X86/gem5.opt
+build/X86/gem5.opt --debug-flags=HelloExample configs/learning_gem5/part2/
     gem5 Simulator System.
@@ -282,7 +283,8 @@
 `DPRINTF` is the most commonly used debugging function in gem5. However,
 gem5 provides a number of other functions that are useful in specific
+circumstances. All debugging functions are available in the
+[reference documentation](
 > These functions are like the previous functions `:cppDDUMP`,
 > `:cppDPRINTF`, and `:cppDPRINTFR` except they do not take a flag as a