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#!/usr/bin/env python3
#This is a job launch script for boot tests
import os
import sys
from uuid import UUID
from gem5art.artifact import Artifact
from import gem5Run
from gem5art.tasks.tasks import run_gem5_instance
experiments_repo = Artifact.registerArtifact(
command = 'git clone https://your-remote-add/micro-tests.git',
typ = 'git repo',
name = 'micro-tests',
path = './',
cwd = '../',
documentation = 'main experiments repo to run microbenchmarks with gem5'
gem5_repo = Artifact.registerArtifact(
command = '''git clone;
cd gem5;
git am 38d07ab0251ea8f5181abc97a534bb60157b2b5d.patch --reject;
typ = 'git repo',
name = 'gem5',
path = 'gem5/',
cwd = './',
documentation = 'git repo with gem5 cloned on Nov 22 from googlesource (patch applied to support mem vector port)'
gem5_binary = Artifact.registerArtifact(
command = 'scons build/X86/gem5.opt',
typ = 'gem5 binary',
name = 'gem5',
cwd = 'gem5/',
path = 'gem5/build/X86/gem5.opt',
inputs = [gem5_repo,],
documentation = 'default gem5 x86'
if __name__ == "__main__":
cpu_types = ['TimingSimple', 'DerivO3']
mem_types = ['Inf', 'SingleCycle', 'Slow']
bm_list = []
# iterate through files in microbench dir to
# create a list of all microbenchmarks
for filename in os.listdir('microbench'):
if os.path.isdir(f'microbench/{filename}') and filename != '.git':
# create an artifact for each single microbenchmark
for bm in bm_list:
bm = Artifact.registerArtifact(
command = '''
cd microbench/{};
make X86;
typ = 'binary',
name = bm,
cwd = 'microbench/{}'.format(bm),
path = 'microbench/{}/bench.X86'.format(bm),
inputs = [experiments_repo,],
documentation = 'microbenchmark ({}) binary for X86 ISA'.format(bm)
for bm in bm_list:
for cpu in cpu_types:
for mem in mem_types:
run = gem5Run.createSERun(
run_gem5_instance.apply_async((run, os.getcwd()))