website: Updated Scons version to 3.0+

The minimum required Scons version for gem5 20.1 is now 3.0. This
patch updates this on the website.

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diff --git a/_pages/documentation/general_docs/building/ b/_pages/documentation/general_docs/building/
index fa4935f..91404f5 100644
--- a/_pages/documentation/general_docs/building/
+++ b/_pages/documentation/general_docs/building/
@@ -47,7 +47,8 @@
 support up to gcc Version 10.
 * **Clang**: Clang can also be used. At present, we support Clang 3.9 to
 Clang 9 (inclusive).
-* **SCons** : gem5 uses SCons as its build environment.
+* **SCons** : gem5 uses SCons as its build environment. SCons 3.0 or greater
+must be used.
 * **Python** : gem5 relies on Python development libraries. As of gem5 version
 20, gem5 can be compiled and run in environments using either Python 2.7 or
 Python 3
diff --git a/_pages/documentation/learning_gem5/part1/ b/_pages/documentation/learning_gem5/part1/
index 0e99ad1..7e3625e 100644
--- a/_pages/documentation/learning_gem5/part1/
+++ b/_pages/documentation/learning_gem5/part1/
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
        **We support GCC Versions >=5, up to GCC 10**
-3.  [SCons](
+3.  [SCons 3.0+](
     :   gem5 uses SCons as its build environment. SCons is like make on
         steroids and uses Python scripts for all aspects of the build
         process. This allows for a very flexible (if slow) build system.