website: Remove the perf/prof binary types.

The properties of the perf/prof binary types can now be added to any of
the other binary types with SCons command line options.

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 > **gem5 binary types**
 > The SCons scripts in gem5 currently have 5 different binaries you can
-> build for gem5: debug, opt, fast, prof, and perf. These names are
+> build for gem5: debug, opt, and fast. These names are
 > mostly self-explanatory, but detailed below.
 > debug
@@ -157,12 +157,6 @@
 >     opt. However, fast is only appropriate when you feel that it is
 >     unlikely your code has major bugs.
-> prof and perf
-> :   These two binaries are build for profiling gem5. prof includes
->     profiling information for the GNU profiler (gprof), and perf
->     includes profiling information for the Google performance tools
->     (gperftools).
 The main argument passed to SCons is what you want to build,
 `build/X86/gem5.opt`. In this case, we are building gem5.opt (an
 optimized binary with debug symbols). We want to build gem5 in the