tests: Increase Weekly Docker Container mem limit to 24GB

The following weekly tests were failing:

This appears to be due to the "lulesh" tests failing with the docker
container running out of memory. This can be recreated with:

git clone -b develop https://gem5.googlesource.com/public/gem5

cd gem5

git clone -b develop https://gem5.googlesource.com/public/gem5-resources

docker pull gcr.io/gem5-test/gcn-gpu:latest
docker build -t hacc-test-weekly gem5-resources/src/gpu/halo-finder

docker run --rm -u $UID:$GID --volume $(pwd):$(pwd) -w \
    $(pwd) --memory="18g" hacc-test-weekly bash -c \
    "scons build/GCN3_X86/gem5.opt -j`nproc`"

docker run --rm --volume $(pwd):$(pwd) -w \
       "$(pwd)/gem5-resources/src/gpu/lulesh" \
       -u $UID:$GID --memory="18g" hacc-test-weekly make

docker run --rm -u $UID:$GID --volume "$(pwd)":"$(pwd)" -w \
    "$(pwd)" --memory="18g" \
    hacc-test-weekly build/GCN3_X86/gem5.opt configs/example/apu_se.py -n3 \
    --mem-size=8GB --reg-alloc-policy=dynamic \
    --benchmark-root="$(pwd)/gem5-resources/src/gpu/lulesh/bin" -c lulesh

It is currently unknown as to why this process consumes so much memory
or how it can be reduced, but increasing the docker container limit to
24GB for the Weekly tests does appear to fix the issue.

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