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 See `INSTALL.md`.
-## Running an example simulation
+## Running an example simulation (RISCV)
 Downloading the built bootloader containing a Linux Kernel and a workload,
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 customized workload is available at
+## Running an example simulation (Arm)
+Download the prebuilt bootloader and Linux Kernel with embedded initramfs and
+extract them under the $M5_PATH directory (make sure M5_PATH points to a valid
+wget http://dist.gem5.org/dist/develop/arm/aarch-sst-20211207.tar.bz2
+tar -xf aarch-sst-20211207.tar.bz2
+# copying bootloaders
+cp binaries/boot* $M5_PATH/binaries/
+# copying Linux Kernel
+cp binaries/vmlinux_exit.arm64 $M5_PATH/binaries/
+`vmlinux_exit.arm64` contains an m5 binary, and `m5 exit` will be called upon
+the booting process reaching the early userspace.
+Run the simulation:
+sst sst/arm_example.py
 ## Notes
 - SwapReq from gem5 requires reading from memory and writing to memory.