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This directory contains a demo of C++ configuration of gem5. The intention
is to provide a mechanism to allow pre-generated config.ini files generated
by Python-based gem5 to be reloaded in library-base versions of gem5
embedded in other systems using C++ calls for simulation control.
This directory contain a demo of hosting a C++ configured version of gem5
onto SystemC's event loop. The hosting is achieved by replacing 'simulate'
with a SystemC object which implements an event loop using SystemC scheduler
The sc_... files here should probably be hosted in a diferent directory and
buildable as a library.
Files: -- demonstration top level
sc_logger.{cc,hh} -- rehosting of DPRINTF onto SC_REPORT
sc_module.{cc,hh} -- SystemC simulation loop base class
sc_gem5_control.{cc,hh} -- Alternative extra wrapping to allow gem5
Systems to be instantiated as single
sc_module objects.
stats.{cc,hh} -- Stats dumping (copied from util/cxx_config)
Read for more details of the implementation and sc_... files for
To build:
First build gem5 as a library with cxx-config support and (optionally)
without python. When building the library, disable gem5's native SystemC
API support, as that will conflict with the external version. Also build a
normal gem5 (cxx-config not needed, Python needed):
> cd ../../..
> scons build/ARM/gem5.opt
> scons --with-cxx-config --without-python --without-tcmalloc USE_SYSTEMC=0 \
> build/ARM/
> cd util/systemc
Note: For MAC / OSX this command should be used:
> scons --with-cxx-config --without-python --without-tcmalloc USE_SYSTEMC=0 \
> build/ARM/libgem5_opt.dylib
Set a proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH e.g. for bash:
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/path/to/gem5/build/ARM/"
or for MAC / OSX:
> export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH="$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH:/path/to/gem5/build/ARM/"
Then edit the Makefile to set the paths for SystemC, e.g:
SYSTEMC_INC = /opt/systemc/include
SYSTEMC_LIB = /opt/systemc/lib-linux64
SYSTEMC_INC = /opt/systemc/include
SYSTEMC_LIB = /opt/systemc/lib-macosx64
Then run make:
> make
Make a config file for the C++-configured gem5 using normal gem5
> ../../../build/ARM/gem5.opt ../../../configs/example/ -c \
> ../../../tests/test-progs/hello/bin/arm/linux/hello
The binary 'gem5.opt.cxx' can now be used to load in the generated config
file from the previous normal gem5 run.
> ./gem5.opt.cxx m5out/config.ini
This should print:
> Hello world!
The .ini file can also be read by the Python .ini file reader example:
> ../../../build/ARM/gem5.opt ../../../configs/example/ \
> m5out/config.ini
If you are interested in SystemC Transaction Level Modeling (TLM2) please have
a look into /util/tlm.