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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from pybind11_tests import docstring_options as m
def test_docstring_options():
# options.disable_function_signatures()
assert not m.test_function1.__doc__
assert m.test_function2.__doc__ == "A custom docstring"
# docstring specified on just the first overload definition:
assert m.test_overloaded1.__doc__ == "Overload docstring"
# docstring on both overloads:
assert m.test_overloaded2.__doc__ == "overload docstring 1\noverload docstring 2"
# docstring on only second overload:
assert m.test_overloaded3.__doc__ == "Overload docstr"
# options.enable_function_signatures()
assert m.test_function3.__doc__.startswith("test_function3(a: int, b: int) -> None")
assert m.test_function4.__doc__.startswith("test_function4(a: int, b: int) -> None")
assert m.test_function4.__doc__.endswith("A custom docstring\n")
# options.disable_function_signatures()
# options.disable_user_defined_docstrings()
assert not m.test_function5.__doc__
# nested options.enable_user_defined_docstrings()
assert m.test_function6.__doc__ == "A custom docstring"
# RAII destructor
assert m.test_function7.__doc__.startswith("test_function7(a: int, b: int) -> None")
assert m.test_function7.__doc__.endswith("A custom docstring\n")
# when all options are disabled, no docstring (instead of an empty one) should be generated
assert m.test_function8.__doc__ is None
# Suppression of user-defined docstrings for non-function objects
assert not m.DocstringTestFoo.__doc__
assert not m.DocstringTestFoo.value_prop.__doc__