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* blob.h
* Binary blob handling.
* Copyright (c) 2002 Dug Song <>
* $Id: blob.h,v 1.2 2002/04/05 03:06:44 dugsong Exp $
#ifndef DNET_BLOB_H
#define DNET_BLOB_H
typedef struct blob {
u_char *base; /* start of data */
int off; /* offset into data */
int end; /* end of data */
int size; /* size of allocation */
} blob_t;
blob_t *blob_new(void);
int blob_read(blob_t *b, void *buf, int len);
int blob_write(blob_t *b, const void *buf, int len);
int blob_seek(blob_t *b, int off, int whence);
#define blob_skip(b, l) blob_seek(b, l, SEEK_CUR)
#define blob_rewind(b) blob_seek(b, 0, SEEK_SET)
#define blob_offset(b) ((b)->off)
#define blob_left(b) ((b)->end - (b)->off)
int blob_index(blob_t *b, const void *buf, int len);
int blob_rindex(blob_t *b, const void *buf, int len);
int blob_pack(blob_t *b, const char *fmt, ...);
int blob_unpack(blob_t *b, const char *fmt, ...);
int blob_insert(blob_t *b, const void *buf, int len);
int blob_delete(blob_t *b, void *buf, int len);
int blob_print(blob_t *b, char *style, int len);
blob_t *blob_free(blob_t *b);
int blob_register_alloc(size_t size, void *(*bmalloc)(size_t),
void (*bfree)(void *), void *(*brealloc)(void *, size_t));
#ifdef va_start
typedef int (*blob_fmt_cb)(int pack, int len, blob_t *b, va_list *arg);
int blob_register_pack(char c, blob_fmt_cb fmt_cb);
#endif /* DNET_BLOB_H */