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This is release 2.0_beta5 of the M5 simulator.
For detailed information about building the simulator and getting
started please refer to
Specific pages of interest are:
Short version:
1. If you don't have SCons version 0.96.91 or newer, get it from
2. If you don't have SWIG version 1.3.28 or newer, get it from
3. In this directory, type 'scons build/ALPHA_SE/tests/debug/quick'. This
will build the debug version of the m5 binary (m5.debug) for the Alpha
syscall emulation target, and run the quick regression tests on it.
If you have questions, please send mail to
The basic source release includes these subdirectories:
- m5:
- src: source code of the m5 simulator
- tests: regression tests
- ext: less-common external packages needed to build m5
To run full-system simulations, you will need compiled console,
PALcode, and kernel binaries and one or more disk images. These files
are collected in a separate archive, m5_system.tar.bz2. This file
can he downloaded separately.
M5 supports Linux 2.4/2.6, FreeBSD, and the proprietary Compaq/HP
Tru64 version of Unix. We are able to distribute Linux and FreeBSD
bootdisks, but we are unable to distribute bootable disk images of
Tru64 Unix. If you have a Tru64 license and are interested in
obtaining disk images, contact us at