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m5threads, a pthread library for the M5 simulator
Copyright (C) 2009, Stanford University
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#ifndef __PTHREAD_DEFS_H__
#define __PTHREAD_DEFS_H__
/*typedef struct {
volatile int value;
long _padding[15]; // to prevent false sharing
} tree_barrier_t;*/
// old LinuxThreads needs different magic than newer NPTL implementation
// definitions for LinuxThreads
#ifdef __linux__
//XOPEN2K and UNIX98 defines to avoid for rwlocks/barriers when compiling with gcc...
//see <bits/pthreadtypes.h>
#if !defined(__USE_UNIX98) && !defined(__USE_XOPEN2K) && !defined(__SIZEOF_PTHREAD_MUTEX_T)
/* Read-write locks. */
typedef struct _pthread_rwlock_t
struct _pthread_fastlock __rw_lock; /* Lock to guarantee mutual exclusion */
int __rw_readers; /* Number of readers */
_pthread_descr __rw_writer; /* Identity of writer, or NULL if none */
_pthread_descr __rw_read_waiting; /* Threads waiting for reading */
_pthread_descr __rw_write_waiting; /* Threads waiting for writing */
int __rw_kind; /* Reader/Writer preference selection */
int __rw_pshared; /* Shared between processes or not */
} pthread_rwlock_t;
/* Attribute for read-write locks. */
typedef struct
int __lockkind;
int __pshared;
} pthread_rwlockattr_t;
#if !defined(__USE_XOPEN2K) && !defined(__SIZEOF_PTHREAD_MUTEX_T)
/* POSIX spinlock data type. */
typedef volatile int pthread_spinlock_t;
/* POSIX barrier. */
typedef struct {
struct _pthread_fastlock __ba_lock; /* Lock to guarantee mutual exclusion */
int __ba_required; /* Threads needed for completion */
int __ba_present; /* Threads waiting */
_pthread_descr __ba_waiting; /* Queue of waiting threads */
} pthread_barrier_t;
/* barrier attribute */
typedef struct {
int __pshared;
} pthread_barrierattr_t;
#define PTHREAD_MUTEX_T_COUNT __m_count
#define PTHREAD_COND_T_FLAG(cond) (*(volatile int*)(&(cond->__c_lock.__status)))
#define PTHREAD_COND_T_THREAD_COUNT(cond) (*(volatile int*)(&(cond-> __c_waiting)))
#define PTHREAD_COND_T_COUNT_LOCK(cond) (*(volatile int*)(&(cond->__c_lock.__spinlock)))
#define PTHREAD_RWLOCK_T_LOCK(rwlock) (*(volatile int*)(&rwlock->__rw_lock))
#define PTHREAD_RWLOCK_T_READERS(rwlock) (*(volatile int*)(&rwlock->__rw_readers))
#define PTHREAD_RWLOCK_T_WRITER(rwlock) (*(volatile pthread_t*)(&rwlock->__rw_kind))
//For tree barriers
//#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_NUM_THREADS(barrier) (*(int*)(&barrier->__ba_lock.__spinlock))
//#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_BARRIER_PTR(barrier) (*(tree_barrier_t**)(&barrier->__ba_required))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_SPINLOCK(barrier) (*(volatile int*)(&barrier->__ba_lock.__spinlock))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_NUM_THREADS(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(&barrier->__ba_required)))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_COUNTER(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(&barrier->__ba_present)))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_DIRECTION(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(&barrier->__ba_waiting)))
// definitions for NPTL implementation
#else /* __SIZEOF_PTHREAD_MUTEX_T defined */
#define PTHREAD_MUTEX_T_COUNT __data.__count
#define PTHREAD_RWLOCK_T_LOCK(rwlock) (*(volatile int*)(&rwlock->__data.__lock))
#define PTHREAD_RWLOCK_T_READERS(rwlock) (*(volatile int*)(&rwlock->__data.__nr_readers))
#define PTHREAD_RWLOCK_T_WRITER(rwlock) (*(volatile int*)(&rwlock->__data.__writer))
#if defined(__GNUC__) && __GNUC__ >= 4
#define PTHREAD_COND_T_FLAG(cond) (*(volatile int*)(&(cond->__data.__lock)))
#define PTHREAD_COND_T_THREAD_COUNT(cond) (*(volatile int*)(&(cond-> __data.__futex)))
#define PTHREAD_COND_T_COUNT_LOCK(cond) (*(volatile int*)(&(cond->__data.__nwaiters)))
//For tree barriers
//#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_NUM_THREADS(barrier) (*((int*)(barrier->__size+(0*sizeof(int)))))
//#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_BARRIER_PTR(barrier) (*(tree_barrier_t**)(barrier->__size+(1*sizeof(int))))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_SPINLOCK(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(barrier->__size+(0*sizeof(int)))))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_NUM_THREADS(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(barrier->__size+(1*sizeof(int)))))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_COUNTER(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(barrier->__size+(2*sizeof(int)))))
#define PTHREAD_BARRIER_T_DIRECTION(barrier) (*((volatile int*)(barrier->__size+(3*sizeof(int)))))
//Tree barrier-related
#if 0
#error __SIZEOF_PTHREAD_BARRIER_T not defined
#if ((4/*fields*/*4/*sizeof(int32)*/) > __SIZEOF_PTHREAD_BARRIER_T)
#error barrier size __SIZEOF_PTHREAD_BARRIER_T not large enough for our implementation
#else // gnuc >= 4
//gnuc < 4
#error "This library requires gcc 4.0+ (3.x should work, but you'll need to change pthread_defs.h)"
#endif // gnuc >= 4
#endif // LinuxThreads / NPTL
// non-linux definitions... fill this in?
#else // !__linux__
#error "Non-Linux pthread definitions not available"
#endif //!__linux__
#endif // __PTHREAD_DEFS_H__