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TLM-2.0 standard header files
Dir: include/
SubDirs: tlm_core/
Files: README.txt
To use the TLM-2.0 interoperability standard, a user should only include the tlm
or tlm.h header file. The same holds for the TLM-1.0 implementation that is
included as part of this kit; only include tlm or tlm.h. These header files
refer to all the header files within the tlm_core/ subdirectory, everything
within tlm or tlm.h is contained in the tlm namespace.
The tlm_utils subdirectory contains a set of additional definitions supported
by the TLM-2.0 standard, but which are not part of the interoperability
requirements. It contains ease-of-use and convenience implementations for the
interoperability standard. All objects defined in the tlm_utils directory are
contained in the tlm_util namespace.
See the README.txt files in the subdirectories for an explanation of the
internal organization of the header files.