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# Upgrade single-threaded checkpoints to be properly supported with SMT.
# SMT adds per-thread interrupts. Thus we must move the interrupt status
# from the CPU and into the execution context.
def upgrader(cpt):
for sec in cpt.sections():
import re
re_cpu_match = re.match('^(.*sys.*\.cpu[^._]*)$', sec)
if re_cpu_match != None:
interrupts = cpt.get(sec, 'interrupts')
intStatus = cpt.get(sec, 'intStatus')
cpu_name =
cpt.set(cpu_name + ".xc.0", 'interrupts', interrupts)
cpt.set(cpu_name + ".xc.0", 'intStatus', intStatus)
cpt.remove_option(sec, 'interrupts')
cpt.remove_option(sec, 'intStatus')